Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Life Of A Sports Mom

This is who I'm quickly becoming. Something I didn't think I'd end up being, but something that I'm looking forward to.

Back in February, Anastasia and Sebastian begged me to sign them up for soft/baseball, so I did. They were super excited....or so I thought.

Last week, I get the call from Anastasia's coach about practice, things like that. I tell her and she is just excited as all get out. The next day, I hear from Sebastian's coach, then spend the day getting everything together for him because he had practice sooner than she did.

After spending the day doing all that and stressing, Sebastian drops the bomb on me. He doesn't want to play baseball, he only said he did because he didn't want to disappoint me.

Info I could have used BEFORE I spent the day running around. I called the league and informed them and was delighted to learn that I could just apply the money for Sebastian to Cailin and she could play wee ball, so all is well with that.

Anastasia was still thrilled (after I asked her about 100 times) about softball. She was also RREEAALLYY nervous. She didn't know ANYTHING about playing softball. Luckily, the kid is an overachiever and wants to practice every day and work at it until she gets it. She looks absolutely adorable in her practice clothes and I can't wait to see her in her uniform!

I'm really happy for her, though. She's wanted to play sports for so long. She's a natural born athlete, I think (my husband might disagree with me). She'll get out in the yard with Matthew and want to learn how to play football. If we had a basket ball goal, she'd be out there shooting hoops. She says she wants to be a cheerleader, but I honestly think she wouldn't enjoy it as much as she would softball or basketball.

It's weird...when I was pregnant with them, I had these vision of being a sports mom....but for Sebastian. He has ZERO interest in sports. Sure, he likes watching wrestling, but that's it. He has no desire to play sports. He likes to watch TV and play video games and that's pretty much it. If you'd have told me that Anastasia was going to be the one that was all about sports, I'd have laughed. She's always been girly. Yesterday, after practice, she looked at me and said "Mommy, I'm dirty....AND I LOVE IT!" She's so proud of her bruised chin (she took a ball to the chin during her first practice) and she tells me her arms and legs hurt, but it feels good.

I'm looking forward to filling the back window of my van with various things relating to the sports Anastasia (and Sebastian and Cailin, should they play) plays. I'm looking forward to carpooling, to keeping a tote in the back of the van for various sports equipment.

I'm becoming a sports mom.....and I love it!

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  1. I am excited to be a sports mom. Reagan is already showing the signs of being interested in competitive sports which makes me very happy! I'm right there with you!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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