Friday, April 19, 2013

What Do You See, Mr Fly?

This is one of my favorite posts to do.....and seeing as how I'm going through a mid-life blog crisis, I have, naturally, decided to switch things up a little bit. So, sit back and take a glimpse of my life.....from a fly's prespective.

I set my alarm for 6:51am so that I can snooze until 7. Clever? I think so!

Gotta brush my teeth first thing in the stank breath for me!

 The kids are up, so why not Facebook it until they are ready?

 Oh, goody...a rainy drive to the local Elementary school!

Sweet, sweet nectar of life!

And a rainy drive to drop Cailin at school and Matthew at work.....
Yummy! Food! (turkey bacon, egg white omelet, kiwi and coffee)
Solving some crimes with the BAU of the FBI....


Dishes...double ugh! And other housework...I won't bore you with that.....

Wow! I got a package!!!!

Time to pick the kids up from school...yay!

Finishing up laundry....can't I just buy new clothes? Oh, wait...I'm poor, never mind....

Getting dinner ready. Meatloaf! 

Driving through downtown to pick the hubs up from work

Look! An appearance was made by one of the kids!

Okay, get off my food!

Some Hanson App time......oh yea!

Reading until 10....."14" by J.T. Ellison


There's my husband, wondering why you are buzzing around his TV.....

Okay, time to brush my teeth for the night......I think you know why....'s bed time!

Okay, go find someone else to annoy....and don't you DARE fly into my mouth!

Now that you've seen my life from a fly's point of view, go see what's going on at other people's houses. You may just find someone slightly much more interesting than me! And once again, thanks to Karen at Baking In A Tornado for letting me join in the fun!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


  1. Loved it! Pictures are so much more fun (not to mention less mentally demanding) than words. :)
    Not sure how I feel about turkey bacon and egg white omelets, though...

    1. I LIVE for my turkey bacon! It's so good! The egg white omelets are pretty good too!

  2. LOVE the way you took me through your day with pictures, what a fun idea. Oh, sweet sweet nectar of life, LOL!

    1. I figured why not REALLY give everyone a glimpse of my was a pain in the butt! haha.

      Yes, coffee is my life source....forget blood and air, I need coffee!

  3. Now the burning question: WHAT WAS IN THE PACKAGE?? ;-)

    Thanks for sharing what a day in your life looks like-I did a similar thing recently for Finishing The Sentence Friday. I'm very visual, so I like lots of pictures!

    1. LoL! A cell phone.

      It was fun, but a pain. haha

  4. LOVE the way you did this! Genius!!!!!!

  5. Dearest Twin,
    My snooze has a nine minute wait time. I absolutely get the alarm thing! Two snoozes. 18 minutes. Yeah, baby!
    Cheers to coffee, turkey bacon and getting something other than bills in the mail!
    Showing your photos for the fly was an awesome way to share your life!

    1. Darling Twinnie,
      Okay, this is some Twilight Zone stuff. haha. But I only let mine snooze for 9 minuter, otherwise my kids will never get ready for school on time.
      Sweet, sweet nectar of life! haha
      Thank you!

      -Sarah (my case you didn't

    2. MY middle name is "coffee". See? We ARE twins!!

  6. This is so freakin' clever! I LOVE the way you posted it. That last picture pretty much sums up the end of every mom's day! Great job!

    1. I know, right. I wish I could have snapped a picture of my husband's face when I asked him to take this was classic! lol

  7. How creative are you?! You sure have a lot packed into one day and you can stay up past 9pm? You might be my new hero!


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