Monday, May 20, 2013

Kaitlyn Hunt: Should She Be Punished?

If you are on Facebook, you've probably seen the story floating around about Kaitlyn Hunt, a Senior at Sebastian River High School. She is in a same-sex relationship with a girl that was on her basketball team and, because she is 18 and the girl is 15, she is facing criminal charges of two counts of felony lewd and lascivious battery on a child 12-16.

Some reports are saying that the girls entered into their relationship after Kaitlyn turned 18. Some say it was when she was 17, so I'm not 100% sure when the relationship started, but I, personally, think that is irrelevant. 

The girl that Kaitlyn was seeing has awful parents, because they are pursuing criminal charges against Kaitlyn because, as they are quoted telling a member of the school, their daughter will not be gay.

So, because these assholes didn't want their kid to "be gay", they are going to ruin this girl, who was a star athlete, she was voted the student withe the "Most School Spirit", she was a cheerleader, she helped coach the team, she was active in Church, she was a camp counselor, she was already a medical assistant that was about to go to college.

This was IS a good kid! She has clearly worked hard to maintain EXCELLENT extracurriculars. She had a very bright future ahead of her. And all of that hard work could be taken from her because she fell in love with someone who's parents are bigots.

This blogger is of the opinion that the other girl's parents wouldn't have pursued any kind of criminal charges had Kaitlyn been male. I think that the other girl's parents have made their homophobia clear and have indicated enough that they are doing this to punish their child and Kaitlyn because of their sexual orientation. 

It is heartbreaking that this young lady, so full of hope with a bright future, could lose it every bit because of some vindictive parents. Why? It is a gross misuse of the justice system. They have recorded phone conversations between Kaitlyn and the girl, where Kaitlyn professed her love for her, stating that she had never loved anyone as much in her life. 

PERSONALLY, I don't think she should be punished, at all. While YES, there is a law that states that Kaitlyn can't sexually interact with someone under the age of 16, I think it's apparent enough that the other girl's parents are doing this strictly because of sexual orientation.

If you'd like to hear more about Kaitlyn's story, check out the links below.

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  1. I think there are 2 separate issues here. If the parents are trying to punish Kaitlyn or think this will stop their daughter from being gay, I question their values and love for (acceptance of) their daughter.

    But as someone who believes that Gay people should have equal rights under the law, I understand that they also must be held accountable for illegal behavior. And if that were an 18 year old boy having sex with a 15 year old girl, I'd expect the parents would do just what they're doing now.

    So I guess I'm saying that I think it's sad that the family's reasons are wrong, but I'm not sure I can say that their actions are.

    1. To a point, I agree. I am one of those parents that wouldn't have a problem with my 15 year old daughter or son dating an 18 year old boy or girl. I think that one thing that our legislators can learn from this is that these laws are outdated and need to be revamped.

  2. Anyone thinking this girl should get off with anything less then a 18 year old male would get should be ashamed of themselves. I'm glad the pedophile (make no mistake, that is what she is)will be brought to justice. There are plenty of cases of same sex pedophilia, We drew a line in the sand, a good line. I have children above and below the age of consent and would want nothing less than the full extent of the law brought down on this person, whether she is male or female. As far as her parents opposing the relationship because they were the same sex, it's irrelevant, not to mention as stated above, it was the father of the pedophile that made the statement that this was over the fact they were same sex. They have a motto "Stop the Hate". Yes, that is what I feel, I hate pedophiles, always have, always will.

  3. Sorry to post as anonymous, I'm having trouble with my wordpress account:

    Just wanted to see if your opinion has changed any as more information has come out, including:

    1) Arrest affidavit showing that Kaitlyn was 18 and other girl was 14 the entire time
    2) Seized facebook messages where Kaitlyn states she knows what she's doing is wrong
    3) Evidence that other parents only went to police after Kaitlyn helped their daughter run away and brought her to Kaitlyn's house for a night of sex
    4) Other parents claims, back by other parents and basketball coach, that they didn't do this because of sexual orientation but because of age and that Kaitlyn had been warned twice to stay away
    5) Police-released recorded phone conversation between Kaitlyn and the younger girl where Kaitlyn threatens to withdraw her "love" for the other girl if she stops the sexual component of their relationship

    It seems that a host of lies was circulated by the Hunt family to rally support for Kaitlyn (as she is dead to rights in a court of law) and involve the LGBT community and make this a "gay rights" issue when it isn't. They even released the names of the other parents and gave people their address in order to harass them and try to basically bully them into dropping the charges. I personally only heard about this case when it ticked off my best friend from college (a gay man) as he was angry that he felt they were trying to steal the "gay agenda" and he was worried that it would give bigots all the ammo they needed to say "See! Homosexuals want to do away with age of consent laws and made pedophilia legal!"

    The more I've learned about this whole situation, the more it appears that we all may have judged the Smith parents WAY too harshly and honestly, Kaitlyn's behavior fits basically the exact model of a sexual predator grooming a younger person for a "consensual" sexual relationship. I know it wasn't forced, but that's why we have statutory rape laws instead of just rape rape laws, to protect younger people from being manipulated into "consensual" sex by older predators. I guess I'm just wondering if people are changing their minds about this case as more real facts come out (and not the lies spread by Kaitlyn's parents) and the initial furor and hoopla is dying down.


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