Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mom Vs Dad: Kids' Clothes Showdown

My kids are almost out of school for summer vacation. Friday is their last day. Being the planner that I am, I want to get a jump on school clothes and supplies for August, because this year, we have three kids that we will have to buy for. AND, because Sebastian and Anastasia will be 9 (WHAT?!) in July and Cailin will be 4 in August, and school starts back in the middle there. I figure, I should be smart about it.

Anastasia at softball practice
Now, I've talked before about how Anastasia is tall and has long legs. This causes quite the conundrum for Matthew and I. Okay, more for MATTHEW than for ME, but whatever.

I am of the mindset that, as long as the shorts meet or extend the finger tips, Anastasia is good to go. I'm not a fan of the shorts that I see a LOT of kids wearing these days, but I don't think she needs to wear pants or long shorts either. 

Matthew disagrees. He feels that the only style of shorts she can wear is Bermuda and Capri's. Even her shorts for softball (see the picture?) is long, while other girls are wearing the shorter shorts or regular baseball pants. He says he doesn't want his daughter dressing like a grown up or viewed as older. She's 9, she needs to dress as such.

The problem? They don't sale a lot of Bermuda and Capri's in our area because the short shorts is in. If not for Goodwill finds, the kid would still be in jeans!

Another disagreement we are having is when it comes to shoes. I think that wedges or dress shoes that have the little heals on them are cute and completely acceptable. The most he will compromise on is allowing her a pair of flip flops that have a slight wedge on them. 

I foresee issues as she gets older. She's going to want more say in her clothes and they will butt heads....A LOT. They already butt heads over bathing suit styles, which I've blogged about before. And I know that I'M going to be the one to break before HE is. No, I won't let her wear the uber short shorts, but certain things, I'm okay with it.

I asked him if he'd feel the same about Cailin and he said yes, even though she's likely going to take after us and have be short and stumpy (I'm 5'2, Matthew is 5'10). I'm fairly certain that he'd be completely okay with them wearing berkas.

Dads........they can be so silly! lol


  1. Oh are you in trouble. If it's starting already, and with shorts, you've got many years of battles ahead. I don't envy you.

  2. Oh wow ... I'm screwed with Reagan then. She's already getting on my case about her clothes! Yikes!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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