Monday, May 27, 2013

Some Gave All

Today, we honor those brave men and women who fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

Today, we honor those brave men and women who fought and lost their lives in a fight for our freedom.

I have a very deep seated respect for our Military. Maybe it's because I have several Veterans in my family. Maybe it's because of the 4 years I spent in JROTC. Maybe it's because I have many friends who served this country.

I wanted to join the Military. I wanted to join the Air Force and be a fighter pilot. I was told I couldn't, though, because I was too fat, too blind, and too female. There are times where I wish I'd followed in my Dad's footsteps and joined the Navy. Instead, I turned 18, moved out, got married and dropped out of high school to get my GED. But my respect, my love, my support for our service men and women never faltered. 

I also give thanks to their families, which I think a lot of people do. I have a few friends that are Military wives and I see how much they miss their husbands, how much their kids miss their Daddy, and it breaks my heart. On the other hand, though, I admire the hell out of them, because of their amazing strength. When I see videos of families being reunited with the members that were serving in the military, it makes me cry tears of happiness for them. Because I know they must feel so much relief, so much happiness that their family member made it home. When I see Military funerals, I cry tears of sadness because that family lost someone amazing, and because that amazing person gave their life to fight for me, for you, for this country.

It makes me angry when I see people disrespecting the military. You don't have to like the fighting. I don't like it. But at least give some support to the very people who are out there, fighting for this country so that you can HAVE the freedom to be an asshole. It kills me to see people show disrespect for the troops, to show disrespect for our country and to show disrespect to the flag. It hurts my heart, it hurts my soul. This is my country and, whatever state it may be in, I still love it.

It also really bothers me to see people so disrespectful to the President. You don't have to like him. But some of the things I read on a Facebook page picture. It's ignorance that causes people to wish death upon someone, to say things about their race, about their religion. I am a Democrat and I voted for Obama. I was not a fan of Bush, but he was the President of these United States. I didn't really RESPECT him, but I'd have NEVER said the things that a lot of Anti-Obama people say.

My Dad, E3 in the US Navy 1975-1981
My Grandpa, US Army during WWII

While you are out and about, cooking out or doing whatever you find yourself doing, stop for a moment and give thanks. If you see someone in military clothing, stop and shake their hand and say thanks. Buy them lunch. Do something to show them appreciation. Because remember....

Some gave all......

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