Monday, May 6, 2013

What Helps Me Lose Weight

Losing weight is hard and, I admit, I've been really naughty lately. I've not GAINED, thank God....but I haven't lost much either. I plan to get back on track today though. I've already gotten my workout in, so I'm happy for that.

One of the things that have helped me get to the point I'm at so far is having a strong support system. Without the support of my husband, my kids, my family, I wouldn't be able to do this.

If you don't use MyFitnessPal, you are missing out. It is a great site to use. You can keep track of your food, your exercising, etc, etc. I TRY to put my food in, daily, but it isn't always easy. I mostly use it to keep track of my weight and inches loss. It's easier for me to remember it that way.

My sister is working toward becoming a personal trainer. Because of that, she is using me as a way to get some practice in. She's come up with a work out plan for me and everything. Admittedly, I've not been a good girl and followed it though. She's patient with me though, so that helps, for sure.

I get lots of ideas from Pinterest. From food to workouts to clothes I want to wear one day, there is a TON of ideas on that site that can help you with your weight loss.

Finally, finding motivation from fellow bloggers have been a HHUUGGEE help to me. It's something I enjoy doing. So...thank you!


  1. MFP is great ... it really is an amazing tool for FREE!
    And Pinterest is always blasting with some great ideas. Now if only I would do them! LOL

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. That's great! Keep on going! More power to your sister!

    Keep it going!


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