Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What The ???? Wednesday: Sports Mom Edition

Today, I want to talk about parents of children who play sports.

I am one of those parents. My girls play. My oldest plays softball, my youngest plays wee ball. With Cailin, I get out on the field and I help her....I mean, she's 3....wee ball is basically a way for kids to experience team play without all the rules.

With Anastasia, I'll offer her tips, I'll tell her something she needs to work on, I'll encourage her to improve. I NEVER yell at her when she does something wrong. I'll let her know what she did and tell her good job, knocking her on the helmet afterwards, lovingly of course. The reason for this is because I want her to always love playing softball. I want her to enjoy it, to want to play it. I want to be able to watch her play at high school, for her to possibly go on to college to play.

There is the one mother that is absolutely ruining the sport for her daughter. We'll call the little girl Lee. Her mother, at practice, at games, will sit in the stands and yell at her daughter, point out what she is doing wrong, RARELY encourages her, and is absolutely the most critical person I've ever encountered.

Yesterday, I noticed that, after they practiced batting, that Lee was running. Her mother was bragging about the fact that she was making Lee run laps because she didn't hit every ball during practice. At the end of the practice, as a whole, she made Lee run MORE laps because she didn't catch a ball, or because she didn't throw it hard enough.

My heart breaks for little Lee. Because she's only 7 or 8 and her mother is treating her like she's a pro. I'm fairly certain even in the pros, they don't treat them like this. It's absolutely ridiculous. I would NEVER dream of treating Anastasia that way. I love the smile on her face when she succeeds. My heart breaks with her when she doesn't. I'm PROUD of her, because she puts her heart into the game. She has improved SOOOOOO much in the short time.

Matthew told me yesterday that he's glad I'm the one who is the "sports" parent (it's because he works), because he would have already told that lady off by now. I can't say that I blame her. She's ruining this little girl's esteem and she's going to make this kid not want to play anymore.....

People, remember...THESE ARE KIDS! Stop treating them like this is their money maker. Let them love the game.........

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