Monday, June 10, 2013

A Clothes Horse She Won't Be

clothes·horse  (klzhôrs, klz-)
1. A frame on which clothes are hung to dry or air.
2. A person excessively concerned with dress.
Well, obviously, I'm not talking about a frame to air dry clothes on, because that would be silly.
I, somehow, acquired a  free subscription to Cosmo, a magazine I've not read in YEARS because, to be honest, it's far to glitz and glamor for me. I'm a simple person, with simple tastes and simple wants/needs. It just felt too.....I don't know....SINGLE for me when, once I became a wife and mother. I found that I enjoyed reading Woman's World and All You more.

But I'm getting off topic here. As I was saying, I recently got this subscription and I found myself thumbing through it after I finished a book I'd borrowed from the library and had nothing else to read. And I found myself shaking my head because, 1, a lot of the clothes were just hideous and 2, HOLY PRICES BATMAN! I am NOT going to spend $300 on a pair of ugly as butt sunglasses. I'll take knock offs for $10 any day of the week, thanks.

However, this DID get me thinking.....I have two girls (ages 8 and 3). I am going to HAVE to buy them clothes and I hope that their teen years will be spent thin, because for ME, I had to wear boys clothes, as I was overweight and, back then, they really didn't make any clothes that fit me. Shopping was literally painful for me and usually resulted in me falling into a depression for a few weeks.

My older daughter is, right now, 4'6 and weighs 69lbs. She's ALWAYS looking at clothes and shoes. 2 years ago, she asked for a bra! She doesn't NEED one, but we got her some anyways. She currently can wear a size 6 in women's shoes. SHE is going to be my little fashionista. And THAT terrifies me. She doesn't really have that great of taste in clothes, but I think she'll grow out of that. Thankfully, right now, she's still okay with getting clothes from Goodwill (I think that whole outfit was a Goodwill find) and I really hope she doesn't EVER grow out of that, because being thrifty is awesome.

Cailin is 3'4 and weighs 36lbs. She's at that stage where she likes to pick out her own clothes and put outfits together that look completely ridiculous, but she's so cute in them that I let her wear them. She HATES to wear anything other than her sparkly dress shoes, sparkly boots, or her sneakers. She is much like me and wears socks ALL THE TIME. She HATES to have her feet touched, which makes it really hard to cut her toenails. I WISH she'd wear sandals, because it would look a lot better with some of her clothes. I worry that she will get mine and Matthew's obesity, so I am really careful about what I feed her, as I am with Sebastian and Anastasia. I limit sweets and stuff like that and I encourage her to be active.

I own 4 pair of shoes. Two pair of sneakers, 1 pair of flip flops and 1 pair of heels, neither of which I I own 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of capri's, 3 pair of dress pants (that I never wear) and a handful of dress shirts that I never wear. I spend 95% of my time in a tshirt and my work out pants that I bought for working out in but actually wear because they are SUPER comfy. I have no fashion sense and am NOT a fan of dressing up, because I don't have the clothes for it and what I DO have, I hate how I look in it, because of my weight.

I see shows where people have 10+ pair of shoes and talk about how their closets aren't big enough to hold their clothes and I think....WHY, exactly, do you have so much clothes? Mine and my husband's clothes together MIGHT make up 2 loads of laundry. Maybe it's because of my weight and all that, but I couldn't see myself having THAT many shoes and THAT much clothes. I see big closets and think "Sweet! Storage!!"

I hope that my girls KIND OF keep my mentality about clothes and realize that they aren't THAT important.  Because I want them to always hold on to their individuality and not feel that they need to keep up with the fashions. I want them to feel comfortable in their own skins and do their own thing.


  1. I fear this myself with Reagan ... she loves clothes already in the sense that she loves putting them on and looking at herself in the mirror. She likes to say "it's so cute." Oh vey!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. My little ones choose their own outfits and sometimes the combinations are horrifying!


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