Friday, June 7, 2013

I Can't Lie

It's that time again.....time for me to challenge myself and write about a topic I wouldn't usually write about....mostly because I'm just not that creative.

It's Secret Subject Swap time. Last month, I was in Take 2, this week, I'm back in Take 1. We gotta keep ya on your toes.....

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My subject is "What is the worst thing you lied/did to your parents about when you were a teenager? (And do you fear your own children will do the same?" My favorite insomniac gave me this subject, so thank you to The Insomniac's Dream for the challenge.

I was a pretty good kid. I didn't party, I didn't do drugs, I had a 3.6 GPA, I was part of drama, JROTC, the media show. I did my homework, I sat in the front of the class, my mom came to every single parent/teacher conference. She didn't have to worry about giving me a curfew, because I really didn't do anything. I had a small circle of friends, all of which were good kids as well. 

Yea.....I was THAT lame.

So, this is really a challenge for me. Because I didn't really lie to my Mom that much.....

I guess the worse thing I did was not tell her that I'd lost my virginity. She'd always told me to tell her if I was planning on having sex, because she wanted to make sure I was protected against pregnancy and STD's. 

I didn't get my first serious boyfriend until I was 17. Actually, he was my ONLY boyfriend in high school. He was 21 and we'd met online, in a chatroom for WebTV. He lived about 3 hours away from me. He surprised me on my 17th birthday by coming to my house and meeting me (we'd been "dating" for almost a month at this point, talking online and on the phone). 

Things progressed and, 6 months later, I was ready to take that plunge, only I really didn't WANT to tell my Mom. I guess I was too embarrassed or something, I'm not sure. So, I finally did it one day, took that step and lost my virginity.......on my Mom's birthday. It was his first time as well.

I still didn't tell my Mom and we didn't always use protection (stupid, I know). So I found myself, about a month later, worrying I was pregnant. I needed to confide in someone, so I told my cousin. That was a big mistake.

She ratted me out.

A week or so later, my mom confronted me about it and I told her the truth. She cried, I cried, and then she got me on birth control.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Do I worry about my own kids doing this? Absolutely! I plan to teach them that sex is something very special and beautiful and should be shared only between two people who really, really love each other. I'm not going to teach them to wait for marriage, because I don't feel that that is important and because they may not ever WANT to get married. I AM going to teach them to wait until they are absolutely sure, until they are in love with the person and to make sure they do it safely and smartly. I don't want them to become parents until they are out of college and have lived a little bit.

I HOPE that they will come talk to me when they feel they are ready for that step. Because I want to make sure they are prepared and protected. Do I think they will? Probably not......

Go see what other people have in store for ya, if you don't mind!


  1. WOW!! You were a good kid! ;)
    I completely agree with you about marriage. There are very few people left that actually wait until after the wedding. I think we should be more realistic when we talk to our kids about it.

    1. Yea, I was THAT kid in school. I sucked at Math, but I rocked in English and writing (imagine that! lol), so I DID do one bad thing and trade. I'd write a paper for someone and either get paid to do it or have them do my Math homework.

  2. Niiiice. I'm so glad that you got this prompt, because it was more of a challenge for you. For someone like me, I'd have to make a list of the top 100 things I did. ;)

    I agree about marriage, too. I'm terrified every day my boys are going to have sex and not tell me or their father.

    -The Insomniacs Dream

    1. I plan to be THAT mom....When I see they are in a serious relationship and think that it MIGHT progress to sex, I plan to make condoms available and to put the girls on birth control. I'd rather be prepared than not. I don't feel it is encouraging them to have sex, I feel it is teaching them to be safe and protected.

  3. You were an awesome kid!! I love how honest your post was. I can't imagine how scared you were when you talked with your mom, but it sounds like everything worked out. I love your reasoning about "when" to have sex. I never wanted to get married when I was younger. I could have used some realistic advice! Look how that worked out.

    1. It was so weird, because I was honest with my mom about everything when we started fooling around....oral sex....all that. But admitting that I'd actually had sex was terrifying.

      My mom was the same as I am....marriage isn't important. I guess that's where I get that from. I've started, at an early age, being honest with my own kids. They are a month shy of being 9 and they know what sex is, how babies are made, etc, etc. I've had "the talk" with my daughter, because she is getting older and I was worried she'd start her period and not know what to do.

      AAAANNNNDDDD this turned into a blog inside a blog. haha

    2. Put some coffee on. I love reading responses. That was longer than some of my posts! Love it :)

  4. I was lame in high school too! I would have totally sucked at this prompt, because I seriously didn't do anything really out of line. Oh I take that back-my friends and I snuck out and walked around one night...

    1. Well....after I wrote it and, of course, after it was published, I thought of another lie I told that was really bad...worse than this one even...and it technically counts, because I was still a teenager........

      I got married 17 days after my 18th birthday and I didn't tell my mom for 4 months.....I'd moved out right after my 18th birthday and moved in with my boyfriend (the same one I'd lost my virginity to).

  5. This is so wonderful and it took some courage to write, I'm sure. Your mother handled things well and even if history repeats itself, I know that you will be there for your daughters and support them in every way possible. Great job on your prompt!

    1. Thank you. Yes, there were tears, but I'd likely cry too. lol.

  6. I love that you got this prompt because I felt as though you had to dig for this answer and whenever you do that, the results are honest and real and thoughtful. I applaud your bravery for sharing this. The truth is, we ALL worry about our kids and sex. We all secretly hope they'll talk to us, you tapped right into a universal parent concern.

    1. I did. Usually, I have my posts written right away. This one, I had to think about.

  7. I got a similar prompt last year and I have to say it was hard to decide what of the many antics in my teen years I was willing to admit to the world. ;)
    You were an awesome kid!
    I totally agree about educating kids to make the right choices for them. I'm looking forward to grand kids... after graduate school please.
    Loved it!

    1. Same here. I didn't have anything more than a GED when I had the twins. I was 21, young and dumb. I want them to do better.

  8. oh wow, that was a tough prompt, but you did good babe! the worst lie I told my parents was that I was hanging out with a friend, but instead I was out with my boyfriend (now hubby) at a hotel... so bad right? LOL.

    I know all the lies and will make sure son does not do this, or hopes he is truthful with me.


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