Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Obese Kids And Me

Me age 10
I've always been a big girl. For as long as I can remember, I've been fat. I remember when I was in middle school, my mom took me to the doctor and they told her I was obese.

This isn't an existence that I wanted for my kids. So when I had Sebastian and Anastasia, I was very vigilant on what they could have. I limited their sweets, I didn't let them have soda, I give them proper portions, etc, etc. I do the same thing for Cailin as well. I also encourage them to be active.

As the twins have gotten older, I've loosened up a bit. They get soda EVERY so often, MAYBE twice a month. I let them splurge when we go to Golden Corral. I still limit their sweets and encourage them to eat fruits and veggies and be active. 

For the past three days, I've sent my kids to a free basketball clinic that was offered by a local church. I figured it would be fun for the kids to get out there and learn something, as well as get some exercise in. Plus, Sebastian has expressed interest in trying out for the basketball team for school, so I figured this would be awesome for him.

I was shocked, when all the kids got there, at how many obese kids there were. I was even MORE shocked when I heard a couple of mom's say something like "Yea, he's a beast!" or "He's stout, that's for sure". They were PROUD of their children's obesity. And that got me thinking about how often I see kids around here who's parents just don't care. They are drinking soda's and not just soda, but Mountain Dew. I saw one kid, around my own kids' age, eat an entire pizza at a gathering once. 

Do parents just not care? Anastasia is 4'6 and weighs 70lbs. Someone once stated that their child was 1 inch taller and weighed 45 lbs more and was HAPPY about that and even went so far to say I needed to fatten Anastasia up.

I am obese as an adult. My mother did the best she could, but she didn't limit things like I do and we were permitted to be lazy. I don't blame her, she was a single mom and worked a lot, so we did what we could do. But I hate the fact that I am still lazy as an adult and still fat. I don't want that for my kids. But so many obese parents around here are ENCOURAGING their children to become obese and that makes me sad. That's no way to live. I was tormented as a kid because of my weight.

What do you think about childhood obesity and how some parents seem to not care?

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  1. I can relate to your story, because I was obese as a child, too. I still am at 5'2" and 195 lbs. All three of my babies are different eaters - one is a sweet freak and deals with weight issues - the other two eat only when they're truly hungry and have no weight issues. I clicked on your "About" page and found that you're very pretty! Your children are lovely, too. They're blessed to have a mama who cares like you do. None of has everything together (well, at least I don't!), and perhaps those mamas are doing the best they can in that area. We can thank God that their babies are fed and loved, even if imperfectly, since some children aren't! Keep up the good work :)


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