Monday, June 24, 2013

Paula Deen, Food Network and The N Word

Celebrity Chef Paula Deen has been fired from Food Network because it came out, in court depositions, that she, at some point in her life, used the N word (and in case you don't know what word I'm talking about, it is the derogatory word for African Americans), told jokes that weren't exactly PC and, at one point, planned what she called a true Southern wedding reception with an all Black waitstaff.

Evidently, because this, Food Network decided to not renew her contract, which is up in June.

Let me first start off by saying that Paula Deen's usage of the word is NOT okay. Words hold power and they can hurt. HOWEVER, I don't feel she should have been fired for something she said or did on her own time. 

She didn't say these words on her show. She didn't misrepresent Food Network in any shape or form. She used words that can be hurtful, that are racist, and she apologized for it. Shock, I know, but Miss Paula isn't perfect. She's human.

I am an extremely tolerant person. I'm an advocate for equality and the GLBT community. But I'm not perfect and I have demonstrated intolerance. Was I wrong? Yes. Am I proud? No. But it happened. 8 years ago, I did something I am not at ALL proud of. I called my ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend's house and told her little sister things that weren't exactly true because I was being vindictive. I told my ex boyfriend that I didn't want him around my kids because he'd left me for a Latina woman. That was absolutely HORRIBLE of me. But that doesn't make me a bad person. I just made a bad decision.

Paula Deen isn't, in my opinion, a bad person. She just made some bad calls. She shouldn't be punished for that. Especially when so many people in our government basically do the same thing. We are a hateful country at times. People are so quick to place blame and cry foul when people do something wrong, when they, themselves, do it too.

The girl who filed the suit against Paula Deen and her brother isn't perfect. She isn't innocent and I'd wager to say that she, herself, has done at least something similar to what she said Paula Deen did. 

That is the problem with this country. People are too busy playing victim to realize their OWN crimes. We are sue-happy and after that almighty dollar. And we don't care who bring down in the chase.


  1. I have a hard time responding to this because I'm not sure I have the whole story. I understand that she did not say these things in the present, just admitted they had happened in the past because she was under oath in court. She immediately admitted shame, apologized and clearly looked distraught. All of this makes me question her show not being picked up.

    Where I disagree with you is in your statement that these things happened outside of her job. When we work for someone and people know that we do (especially when our job puts us in the public arena), our personal behavior DOES reflect on our employers, that's part of the package. They DO have the right to discontinue their affiliation with her.

    What I don't think happened here, though, is taking into consideration how long ago it was, who she is now, and her clear distress over having made mistakes in her past.

    1. I agree, but I think that their firing her over something that happened BEFORE she was with them is wrong. That's what I'm talking about. Had she said it RECENTLY, while under contract with them, then I'd agree. However, she said it prior to having any affiliation with them.

  2. I live in Savvy or Savannah it is all over the news all is discussed. A few things about the case. First she wanted the wait staff to dress as in the old days back when there were slaves in plantations. Second the person suing her is NOT african american. Third she is just as rude in person as apparently in private maybe maybe she just had it coming after doing someone really wrong.

    Time will tell what is going to happen with Paula's empire. Is very sad. Brings such sadness to our beautiful city as well.

  3. There's a couple of things. (1) It seems like that's the only accounted time she said racial epithets - on the deposition, but it was no way the only time she said it that someone wrote it down or recorded it. (2) Food Network didn't fire her because of her use of the N-word, but because it effects their financial bottom line. Her southern food was enjoyed by many, but cooked by many of black folks. She has a huge black following and it's bad for business to keep her on. They might hire her back... or put her on the Cooking Channel after all dies down. Sadly, in this world, there's no "history", if it's written down, it's current.


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