Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Never Ending Story........

I feel like there is this issue in my house with laundry and dishes. It's an evil and vicious cycle. And with 5 people in the house, I feel like I'm either always doing laundry or I'm always doing dishes. It seems like I'll get through washing something and then I'll turn around and there is another pile of laundry or some dishes piled up.

Am I alone in this or is my family especially messy? I've tried just about everything I can think of to cut back and, for ME, it works fine. I use the same towel a couple of times. I rinse my cup out when I get done with it. For the most part, Matthew does a good job too, but I figure he's at work the majority of the time and, my job was the stay at home mom is to handle all that stuff (except for taking out the trash. That's his job.)

The kids, however.....that's a different story. Lil Bit is learning how to put her pants and stuff on by herself, which is awesome, except she changes 20 times a day. And puts everything in her hamper. When she gets something to drink, she HAS to drink out of a straw and it can't be the same one. She also uses different cups every time because she'll put the cup she starts out with somewhere and forget about it. And the kid can NEVER make up her mind about what to eat with, so she usually gets a spoon, then a fork, then a spoon again. The boy child, he doesn't make that much of a mess with his cloths. He's content to sit around the house in his PJ's. He also doesn't really use that much dishes. The girl child.....she is also all about changing her clothes often, but she isn't a fan of making sure her clothes end up in the hamper when they ARE dirty, which results in a ton of laundry. When it comes to dishes, she's not really about making a ton of dirty dishes and, in her defense, she often tries to help me, although she moves really slow and makes it take longer than I wanted it to.

Does it ever end? Because I don't really mind everything else, but I HATE doing dishes and laundry. the really sad part? I HAVE a dishwasher, but it doesn't work and my landlord doesn't seem that inclined to have it fixed, I guess because of misuse from prior tenets. So we use it for storage. I'd LOVE to actually get to use it for what it's meant to be used for, but I don't see that happening.

Oh well......

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  1. No, your family is exactly like any other. Except the not having a working dishwasher part. That is a HUGE problem. Maybe you should take all your dirty dishes over to your landlord's house.


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