Monday, July 1, 2013

Nothing To Fear But......THAT!

This is true. Fear is a 4 letter word. But it holds a lot of power. We all have things we fear. Most are practical, like a fear of heights or a fear of spiders. Some....they just leave you scratching your head...(I mean, really...what is so scary about cotton balls?!).

I have a few fears...some are practical, some not so much.

I'm TERRIFIED of a tornado hitting in the middle of the night. If it's storming really bad during the night (much like it has been lately) I don't sleep very well because of that fear.

My bed is on the floor. I have a mattress and I have box springs, but I don't have a frame. The reason? I like my bed being on the floor because then, no one can hide under it. Silly? Maybe. But that's a fear of mine.

Along the same lines, I'm PETRIFIED by the though of having my Achilles Tendon cut. Once that sucker is cut, you're toast. You can't walk, you can't run. You can lie there and just wait to be killed. Just getting an injury there scares me, so I don't stretch that area very often.

I'm scared of the typical things, like snakes, spiders, bugs, that sort of thing. I sometimes get an overwhelming fear of getting into a car accident with my kids in the car.

I HATE wooden bridges. There is one in my area that my husband likes to tease me with driving over. That brings about tears and a panic attack.

The mere thought of my husband, mother, or kids dying is enough to cripple me.

Oh and I have a fear of being smothered.....yea, if I can't breath for just a few seconds, I panic......

What are some things YOU'RE afraid of?

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  1. Fear is such a strange thing. It can be harmful, when it's irrational and takes over our lives. It can also be helpful as there are things we NEED to approach with caution.

    Many of your fears are universal. The one about something happening to a loved one, no one wants to go there. I too have a fear of tornadoes. I grew up in an area that didn't have them and now live in the Midwest, so they're new to me. I'm the lightest sleeper in the world so I always felt that the sirens would wake me, but the last time they went off, my son woke me. Now that fear's amplified.


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