Monday, August 12, 2013

Baby Get Your Shine Onnnnnnnnn

If you aren't a fan of Florida Georgia Line or country music, you may not know where I got the title from. If you are a fan of either, you are welcome, 'cause you know damn well you're singing that song!

Jenn over at Jenn's Blogspot - My Daily Jenn-ism has been so kind to bestow upon me an award. Thank you so much, lady! Check out her blog or her Facebook page. She's really awesome.

Before I get to the fun, there are rules, legalities, fine print, a blood sacrifice and a urine test to pass. Okay, okay, I kid.....There ARE rules, but they aren't that bad. Just a virgin sacrifice is needed.....

Step 1: Take this here handy dandy picture and you put it on the post and/or on your blog. No pressure...

Step 2: Link back the person who bestowed upon you this award. That's easy... Check out Jenn's blog and her Facebook page. Done! See how easy that was?!

Step 3: State 7 facts about yourself. Oh boy...that's gonna be hard....

Step 4: Pass this bad boy on to 15 friends.

So, 7 Facts about Moi

1: My husband and I are watching "50/50", where a dude gets cancer and his girlfriend is a big ol sneaky who're (that's whore for you city folks) and cheats on him. My husband looks at me and asks "If we ever split up and I don't get with anyone else and I got cancer, would you take care of me?" My answer, without thinking? "Absolutely". That's love, people. Next week makes 5 years since we started dating and I wouldn't trade those 5 years for anything.

2: I absolutely HATE cleaning. With. A. Passion.

3: I started this blog with the hopes of generating an income. I didn't do that and quickly learned that it became too much like work and I started to hate it. Once I STOPPED trying to earn money, I enjoyed it. Still not earning any money, but I love this blog.

4: I can't stand HALF the movies my husband likes. Most of them are really, really stupid....but I end up watching them anyway.

5: I just got a new camera. A Fuji S4200. I. LOVE. IT!

6: Yesterday, I passed up a chance to get a big bag of Peanut Butter M&M's. I regret this decision with every thing I have inside me. But today, I went for a walk.....yay....

7: I may not have a whole lot. But I have a husband that loves me and 3 amazing kids. So I think I'm pretty blessed.

Okay, now to pass this baby on to other deserving bloggers.

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Okay, so I only tagged 10. I couldn't think of anyone else and those that I did had already gotten the award. I'm all rebellious like that....


  1. So glad you found your way back to enjoying blogging 'cause I like this blog too.

    I was so excited when we got this award from Jenn 'cause it's another new one I hadn't seen before. Congratulations, well deserved.

  2. I love this award! And I love this blog. Thank you for giving me this honor

  3. I love your blog and I love this award. Thank you for this honor


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