Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm Terrified For Our Future

Standing in the pick up line, waiting to get our kids from school, my husband and I overheard a conversation between this group of ladies that pretty much just annoy me. This conversation is one of the reasons why.

Evidently, one of the ladies had noticed her sister's car in the parking lot. The sister was enrolling her child at that school because she felt her child was treated unjustly. I gleaned from the conversation that the sister's child wasn't permitted a recess because he/she'd missed a question on the math test.

They mentioned the name of the school and, being that my own children use to go to it, I highly doubt this had happened. I was heartbroken when we'd moved out of that district and my kids have to switch schools. I REALLY wish we could move back to that area so my youngest would get to experience school there like my older two did.

This got my husband and I talking and we both have decided we are fearful of the future, because this generation of kids is being raised to believe that nothing is their fault and they can do no wrong. 

I'm not saying that the reason this lady pulled her child out of the school isn't a good one. It is. But they pretty much said that the lady didn't even contact the school to verify the kid's story, they just took it at face value. I'm sure that, had this actually happened, there was more than likely a good reason why.

I guess what sets me apart from other parents is I'm involved. I'm active in my kids' schooling. I contact their teachers every other week to make sure there are no problems I need to address. If one of my kids come home and tells me about an incident, I write the teacher, because I firmly believe there are 2 sides to every story. Most often than not, I side with the teacher. My kids know this. I attend every parent teacher conference. I am going to join the PTA again. I need to call about taking the Confidentiality training and getting my background check so I can volunteer. These are things that I feel is important.

"Parents these days are scared to let their children fail." That's a direct quote from my husband. It's the truth. We don't let our kids fail. We reward them for EVERYTHING. Oh, you brought home a D? Well, here's a cookie. No...hell no. My kids bring home a D and they are grounded from the TV for a week and I contact the teacher to find out what happened, so I can correct my child and prevent this from happening again. My kids know that they are allowed one hour of computer time a day at home. 30 minutes of that is spent playing an educational, grade level game. FIRST. Because, by god, they need to learn! I make my kids come home and do homework right away. I bought them planners to write down their homework assignments in and I check it every night. Why? BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO DO! This isn't rocket science people.

Even in sports, kids are pretty much rewarded just for showing up. Half of them don't work hard. Half of them work TOO hard. You have your lazy parents and you have your hard ass parents. You know, the ones who act like their child's very future depends on this game of little league. The coaches were even worse at times...simply because their kid was on that team! Me, I was more of a combo of both. When Anastasia's messed up, I didn't berate her, but I DID correct her and try to help her fix the problem. There were some players that didn't even try, that it was all a joke too and the other players had to work harder and carry those girls. THEY wasn't deserving of much of the recognition, if you ask me, because they didn't care enough to give 100%.

We, as parents, are raising the future. OUR futures lay in our children. We need to focus more on raising kids that are strong, independent, caring, generous, and hard working. They need to know failure to be a success, at least in my opinion.

Kelly from DeBie Hive said "We don't want to work hard, we believe we are entitled to things just because we exist." She is so right. We are quickly becoming a "gimme" people and we are passing that trait down to the next generation. It needs to stop with us.

Come on world! Put your big girl panties/big boy undies on and stop  not caring. The future depends on it!


  1. I had a feeling this story would make me want to bang my head on the wall...and it did. Le sigh.

    Thanks for the mention! xo

  2. I like that your views match mine. I am having trouble at this point because I have 2 sons. I really want them to enjoy sports... HOWEVER ever thing for their age group is looked to as EVERYONE gets a ribbon. Life is just not like that. Loved your view!

  3. I hear your frustration but the truth is you're not going to change everyone. What you can do is be sure that you associate with people who believe the same things you do. That way your kids are around people whose behavior reinforces your beliefs.


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