Friday, August 23, 2013

Just Sitting Here, Watching You Eat

It's time to be a Fly on the Wall. This is a fun little link up that the FABULOUS Miss Karen from Baking In A Tornado thought up. Basically, you'll get to catch little glimpses into the lives of myself and 14 other bloggers (you can find links to those blogs at the end of this one).

Tales of the Boy Child:

*Excitedly, my 9 year old son got in the van the other day and declared "Mom....someone likes me!"
"Sure, kiddo....lots of people like you. You're a great kid!"
"No Mom.....a GIRL likes me. Like, she LIKE likes me."
" you like her?"
"So ask her out"
"I will. I just gotta work on my game...."

*I'm sitting on the couch with the husband. It's WELL after bed time. He and I are watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. I keep hearing talking, so I get up and peek into my son's room.
"Are you in here talking?"
"I'm practicing asking M for her phone number"
"Go to sleep!"

*While on our way to the library today, the hubs and I start talking about the Boy Child
Hubs: "His room is starting to smell...."
Me: "OMG I know! It's not, like, a dirty smell though."
Hubs: "No, that's the musk of a boy becoming a man."
Me: "Ugh! He's only 9 though!"
Hubs: "It's time. He's gonna have to stop using Avengers body wash and start using manly body wash and wear deodorant."
Me : "That's gonna break his heart...."
Hubs: "How do you think I feel that I can't use the Avengers body wash?!"

School is in full swing. He HATES the amount of homework he has, now that he's in the 4th grade. But he says he loves school and he's going to really buckle down and do better.

The Trials of a Tween Drama Queen:

*It's maybe the first or second day of the school year and my Tween Queen gets in the car, her little face somewhat full of hope.
"Mommy.....I asked C if he'd be my boyfriend"
"Yea? What'd he say?"
"He said 'Maybe'"
"Yea....that's not a yes, but it's not a no, so I figure I'm good."

*She brings home a form that I have to take the the DR so she can get a sports physical....
"I hope I don't have to see the DR again."
"You don't. I called, he said he'd just switch everything over from your regular physical."
"Okay, good. Hey Mommy?"
"Do you think I can try out before try outs to be the leader of the cheer leaders?"
~Crickets and blank stare~

*We are driving somewhere. I don't remember where. We are having a conversation about growing up and careers and all that.
Me: "You're really smart and I know that you will and can do anything you want to do, if you put your mind to it.
Her: "Yea, I have a few ideas. What do you think I should be when I grow up?"
Me: "Well, what are you thinking?"
Her: "I don't know...either a doctor, a dentist, or the cashier at Wal-Mart."
Me: "Ummm....I'd aim for something a little higher than a cashier at Wal-Mart...."
Her: "Yea....hmmm. Which pays more? Being a doctor or a dentist? 'Cause I want to make a LOT of money!"

Being the overachiever that she is, she is absolutely LOVING being back in school.

The Woes of a Prima Ballerina:

*Being the youngest is never easy. Especially when your older siblings are starting to want to do their own thing.....
Her: Mommy! Anastasia and Sebastian won't play with me!
Me: Why not?"
Her: 'Cause they are a big jerk!

*After spilling juice ALL over the floor in an attempt to be sneaky........
Me: How many times do I have to tell you that you can't make your own juice?!
Her: BUT MOMMY I THRISTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: You JUST had a glass of juice.
Me: Who's fault is that?
Her: Yours!

*Driving home from school, I called her Babydoll......

Her: Why do people call me Babydoll?
Me: Because, that's just a nice name to call you.
Her: But I not a doll.
Me: No, no you're not.
Her: I want to be called BuggiePie
Me: But you're not a bug or a pie.
Her: So, it's funny and I want to be BuggiePie.

On the way to get the Boy and Girl child from school, I got a driving lesson from my almost (on Sunday!) 4 year old. She knows traffic rules better than most adults.

A Tale of Two People in Love:

*It's Tuesday. The kids are at school, so we take advantage of the chance to go to the library and enjoy.
Me: OMG, it's so quiet and peaceful here!
Him: I know. I think I dozed off for a second.
Me: I SERIOUSLY considered it, but wasn't sure if the ridicule of sleeping in public would be worth it.

*My husband likes to wait until I get up in the middle of night to use the bathroom to pretend sleep and make life harder on me.
Me: WHY the crap do you cocoon yourself in the blanket and hike your leg up on my side when I go to the bathroom?
Him *trying to appear innocent*: Me? I'd never do that!
Me: would. I slap your leg, but you just won't wake up or move.
Him: Oh, I'm TOTALLY awake....I just want to see how annoyed you'd get.

*Evidently, I make strange noises in my sleep.
Him: Seriously, sometimes, I fear for my life.
Me: Why?
Him: Because of the sounds that are coming from you in the middle of the night....
Me: Pffft....I so don't make any sounds.
Him: Between the fart, grunting and random terrifying moaning sounds....
Me: What would you like me to do about it? I can't control that...
Him: Have you looked into having an exorcism?

There ya go! You've seen little pieces of my life. Now buzz off and see what's going on somewhere else!

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  1. Ha! The ridicule of falling asleep in public, sometimes it is just worth it...
    My 4th grader had to start wearing deoderant too, that growing up is hard for moms to handle!

    1. I considered it more than one probably
      No, no it's not..... :( :(

  2. They sure keep you thinking, don't they?! Good fodder for Fly, though.
    And just for the record, I can tell you that I do the same thing your husband does. The second mine vacates the bed, I throw a leg over on his side and claim it as my own. Maybe it's a ways of marking territory? I don't get away with it either. :p

  3. Oh no, the whole dating thing. Go back to that Doctor and ask for some Valium. And make sure Babydoll stays Babydoll for as long as possible.

    1. I know, right. I might have to take up drinking again soon. haha

  4. Too funny!!!! I can remember when my oldest was just starting to "ask girls out"!! Oh, to have him that young again!!!

    1. Having to explain that they aren't DATING is

  5. Your kids are so adorable! I can totally relate to the smell of a boy's room. Just don't get him started on AXE, whatever you do!!!

    1. Right now, he does have some Axe deodorant, but once that's gone, we will probably switch him over to something else. We've yet to introduce him to body spray though. lol

  6. I can't remember the last time I went to a quiet library! Yay you.
    Your kids sound adorable. I love that they have crushes already :)
    Easy resolution to the man problem...kick him off the bed before you go to the bathroom. He will get back up just in time for you to be back in control of the blankets. Hey, I've been married forever and nine days. You have to compromise :)

    1. LoL! Sounds like a plan!
      This is one of the things I LOVE about having all the kids in school. Peaceful library time! lol

  7. Oh comon, tell us if he finally completed work on his game Sarah, plsssssssss. Avengers body wash *say nothing Barbara*, I bet Bolaji (a friend of mine) would love to try it out, lol. People call me Barbie and the first thing I say is 'I am not a doll', BuggiePie sounds cute, she is super cute .
    I am loving being a part of this.
    Yaaay, your kids have the gap too.

  8. My husband wishes he could use the Avengers bodywash too. This is the man that exclaimed "Hey where's MINE?????" when my son got GI Joe pjs.

    I'm really digging "BuggiePie"'s glasses. Those are totally cute! Gotta love those little dictators.

  9. I LOVE these! My kids say the funniest things, too. I swear they are like blog GOLD! Haha

  10. Oh gosh, watch that baby boy, he's gonna be a ladies man. Buggie Pie. LOL


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