Monday, September 23, 2013

Me Vs. Mother Nature

My friend Kimberly took the plunge on Saturday. She asked me if I would be a bridesmaid and, of course, I said yes. It was such an honor to be asked, considering so many of my friends have gotten married and half the time, don't bother to even invite me, let alone ask me to be part of it (slackers).

But then I realized.....I was going to have to wear a dress.


I haven't worn a dress in, oh, 10 or more years. And here I was, about to wear one in front of a bunch of people I barely knew (okay, I don't think I knew a single person there....). But you know what? It was worth it.

My hair....oh LAWD my hair is this crazy mess and I wanted to look really good for my friend on her big day, so I wanted to curl my hair. However, I've discovered that I am lacking the gene that allows me to properly use a curling iron and NOT look like I'm stuck in the 80's. So I took to Pinterest and decided to use rag curlers, because 1) I could pull that off and 2) I'm cheap and 3) I'm poor and wasn't about to go spend money on curlers. So I found an old shirt, ripped it up and curled my hair.

It's super easy to do. My hair was damp and I just used an anti-freezing product. I just wrapped my hair around the shirt and tied it. It took all of about 10 minutes. I did sleep with them in my hair and I did have to endure ridicule from my husband, but whatever.

This is what it looked like the next morning. I. effing. LOVED. IT! It was probably THE BEST my hair has looked in a long, long time.

Mother nature, being the fickle bitch she is, looked down upon me and said "Oh, you like your hair? Let's just fix that little problem......" and opened up the sky for a nice rain shower. Thanks, hooker! So, I borrowed a curling iron and attempted to replicate my hair. I didn't manage, but what I did pull of wasn't half bad. I did up my make up (mind you, I'm not very good at that either), slipped on some pantyhose, the dress, the heels. And I felt mothereffing awesome.

Of course, once again, Mother Nature wasn't having it and it started to rain again. And I am telling you the truth when I say that all 5 of the umbrellas we once had disappeared. So off I went, wobbling on my heels, trying to drive and sit comfortably in my dress and hose, all 3 kids dressed as nice as I could, considering NONE of them have any formal clothing. I went to pick up my husband and told him he could drive. We get almost to the church when he informs me that my BRAND NEW panty hose had a run in them....from crotch to toe. A big, noticeable one. DAMN IT! So I was gonna have go sans hose and let everyone look at my pasty legs.

By the time the wedding started, I was in my Dr. Schol's slip on flats, having ditched the heels, my hair was freezy and not looking that great, my lip stick was wearing off. But I watched my friend, my beautiful friend, get married. And I puddled up. And I thought of my own marriage, looked over at my husband (who stood in at the last minute as a groomsman) and thought about how beautiful it all was. Love,

As we made our way outside, gone was the gloom and in it's place...the sun. 

Mother Nature may have won in terms of messing up my hair. But I won, because I was part of something beautiful.

And here's to Kim and Bryan. May you be blessed with happiness, lots of love, tons of laughter, and few trials. Love ya, chick!


  1. Things may not always go as planned and Mother Nature often has her own agenda, but you looked beautiful and took part in a celebration of love. I think you win.

    1. Thanks and you are absolutely right. I did win and I wouldn't trade that win for anything in the world.


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