Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Random Little Rant

For some reason, the other day, this rant popped into my head. 

I was on my way somewhere with the kids and we were listening to Taylor Swift. I will go on record and say that yes, I like Taylor Swift and yes, I let both of my girls (ages 9 and 4) listen to her. 

This picture popped into my head.

Okay, first, Adele is 2 years old than Taylor Swift, so no, they AREN'T the same age. Both wrote songs based on break ups. Both have amazing talent. So I don't see why someone felt the need to make this picture. 

Sure, Adele is engaged. Yes, she has a baby. No, Taylor Swift doesn't. Yes, Taylor Swift is a serial dater and most of her songs are spurred by break ups. I don't see the need to point out that Adele is a mom and Taylor Swift isn't. Being a mother doesn't make Adele more mature or better. Taylor Swift is experiencing her 20's in a way that makes her happy. Great. Adele is doing the same in HER way.

Why is it that society feels the need to pit women against each other and try to build one up while tearing another down? It seems so petty to me. Instead of instigating wars between women, how about we lift each other up and support one another?

It doesn't just go for celebrities either. Breastfeeding moms tear down formula feeding moms and vice versa. Non vaxing moms tear down vaxing mom and vice versa. Anti-Circumcising moms tear down pro-circumcising moms and vice versa...you get my drift.

What happened to SUPPORTING each other? When did it become so ingrained in us that we are better than those that do things differently? It's pathetic.

We women....we really should be ashamed of ourselves. I'm just as guilty as the next and so are you.

*drops the mic*


  1. Pretty darn thought provoking. I always felt the sting of the breastfeeding thing. I actually left a doctor who berated me for not breastfeeding. Little did she know that I attempted with one of my babies. I bought potions, supplements, vitamins, pumps, EVERYTHING and couldn't produce enough milk to feed the baby. We never know what the other person is going through and should before we open our mouths. You are totally right....Women should be more supportive of each other!!!

    Heather May

  2. Although I agree with you, I also know that this kind of behavior will continue. I think the best thing we all can do is surround ourselves with people who feel the same way we do. We can't necessarily change the whole world, but we can impact our own world.

    Great rant, well worth saying.


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