Monday, October 14, 2013

Down With The Sickness

The Crud has swept through my house.

It started with Lil Bit, who passed it to Girl Child, who passed it to me. I, then, passed it to The Hubs. Boy Child (knock on wood) seems to have avoided this nasty little bug. I'm hoping he DOESN'T get it, but we shall see what happens.

All this weekend, my house has had that know, the smell of sickness? Cleaning has fallen to the wayside, traded instead for a swift pick up, a once daily washing of dishes and that's pretty much it. The fever hits, then comes the sweats....just....ew. 

My plan for the day? Clean, scrub, wash, sanitize. Bedding will be washed, surfaces will be scrubbed, door knobs sprayed with disinfectant. My house will be so sterile, you can perform surgery safely on my kitchen floor.

The plus side of being sick is my appetite also took a break and I ate, MAYBE, a total for 500 calories daily for about 3 days. No, I didn't do much working out, but coughing seems to tighten my abs and surely all that sweating did SOMETHING for burning calories, right? It must have, because I lost 5 pounds.

Naturally, on the first day of my illness, The Hubs made cake. I got one piece. ONE. That's all. All the healthy people tore into that sucker like it was the last food they'd ever have. Me, not wanting to eat, just couldn't do it. Le sigh.

I'm hoping it's done and this is it for the year. I HATE seeing my family sick. Worse, I hate getting sick myself. Because it knocks me down and I can't get up to fight. Not good times.

And worse......I want cake!

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  1. I hate when my kids are sick, but it's worse if I'm sick too because it's just so hard to take care of them well when I'm sick too. Without a doubt the housework doesn't get done, but when you're all sick, who cares?


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