Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Here Lies Sarah.....

To stand before you today means that tragedy has truly struck the world. 

Sarah is gone.

If you really knew her, then you'd know that she didn't want this to be a mournful event. She always said that she wanted her life to be celebrated. Per her lifelong request, the doctor put that she "kicked the bucket" rather than saying she "expired"......she always said she hated that. "I'm not freaking food or milk or something.....I didn't EXPIRE.......I flat out died!" I, jokingly, told her that not only was going to make sure that they put expired, but that I would have them equate her for something she truly hated........sauerkraut.

Sarah's life isn't book worthy. Her childhood wasn't perfect, but it wasn't I'm-seriously-screwed-up autobiography worthy either. Sure, she endured things no child should, but rather than fall victim to her tragedies, she kicked them in the teeth and moved on. That's how she did things.

Her adult life was full of different trails and I'll never be sure if she truly knew her strength. But she overcame a lot and did so with an outlook even I couldn't achieve. On thing she always said was "this life has given to me as much as it's taken, so I guess I'm doing pretty good!" That was her. She seemed dark, down, and depressed, but those of us that knew her well, knew she ALWAYS tried to find the bright spot in the darkness.

When Sarah and I met, she was still figuring out who she was. I don't think she ever truly found out, because she had personality ADD. One minute, she's a stay at home mom, the next, she's a rocker, then after that, she's determined to work. Figuring out what she wanted to be when she grew up was a struggle for her, because she had two passions; her family and writing. She couldn't make money loving her family as fiercely as she did, but she sure did try her damnedest to turn her writing into a career. I have so many files that I'll cherish for as long as I'm here of "almost" books. She didn't have enough faith in herself or her talent to follow through.

But Sarah went left this world doing the thing she loved the most. Loving her family. She had her flaws, but Sarah was an amazing wife and mother that loved with every single ounce she had in her. Her family was her life. 

She wasn't particularly successful in terms of money. She didn't have a huge house, a super nice car, or anything like that. But she died knowing that she had the most successful life anyone could have, because she had her family.

So here's to you, Sarah......may we celebrate your life rather than mourn your death. 

She always said she wanted this song to be played at her funeral, so here you go, my love.


So....what did you think? And are you THAT Sarah Michelle?