Thursday, October 3, 2013

Keeping Up With The Hansons

Rolling Stone asked interview Hanson. You know, the band that brought you "Mmmbop" back all those many, many years ago.

 People don't believe me when I say that they are still together, performing and putting out music. But it's true. As a matter of fact, I'm going to see them on 10/18 with my bestie Patty, which will be our second time seeing them (the first time was in April of 2008). To say I'm excited is an understatement.

Our tickets for the 10/18 show...EEP!
Patty and I 2008

I have been a Hanson fan since I was 14 years old. I'm 30 now, knocking on 31's door. I was such a huge fan that my walls were covered in posters, which I just recently found. I remember being 14 and just absolutely loving them, writing Taylor Hanson letter after letter because, after all, he was the perfect man. Of course, as I FINALLY got to meet him in 2008, after he was already married and had a few kids and I had my twins (wasn't yet married). But still, he's my favorite Hanson brother.

One awesome things about this interview is that my whole family was flown to Tulsa (where the guys are from), all expenses paid. This was doubly awesome for me, because while we were there, we had our family pictures taken by my favorite photographer Amber from Amber Snead Photography. It has been a dream of mine to go to Tulsa and meet the guys and actually talk to them. Getting to meet Amber and have her take our pictures is a major bonus.

We met at this really cute little park, which makes sense, because I have my 3 kids, Taylor has his 5 and both Isaac and Zac have 2 (Zac has a 3rd on the way). They are really laid back and their wives are also really nice. We discuss EVERYTHING and they are really open with their answers. We talk about how their music has evolved over the years, which is the biggest part of the interview. Their sound has changed so much, but at the same time, they've remained true to themselves. That's hard to do in this industry. Take their latest single, off their new album Anthem, which is called "Get The Girl Back". It's a great song with a great video.

We talk about their family, the hardships of being on the road, how being parents have changed them, and their hopes for their kids. A lot of it won't be used in the magazine, because it was about a 3 hour interview, so maybe one day, I'll have to post the rest of it here....with their permission.

After the interview is over, they invite us back to their family home for a cookout, bon fire, and jam session. 

This is truly been a magical experience for me, and one I won't soon forget. The BEST part? I gained a slew of new friends with the band and I look forward to them coming to my neck of the woods soon for another get together. Oh...and.....they have hired me to be their personal blogger! How awesome is that?!

Welcome to the October edition of the Secret Subject Swap! This is SUPER special, because it's the one year anniversary of the swap! So cool, right? I thought so too. Karen, from Baking In A Tornado, is the brain behind this, so I have to give her a big thanks for letting me be part of it.

My prompt was given to me by Melissa from the deliciously funny Home on Deranged.  The prompt was "As a writer for Rolling Stone, your assignment is to interview your favorite musician. Who do you choose? Tell us about the interview." Thank you so much for the prompt!

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  1. Now we're talkin'! Great post, loved it! And the Hanson's personal blogger?? If you're gonna go, GO BIG! :)
    I can think of a few musicians I'd like to "interview". *wink,wink*

    1. Thank you! I'd freaking LOVE to be their personal blogger....haha

  2. Hanson? Love it. Haven't thought about them in forever. Have fun at the concert - where I'm sure you'll spend a lot of time hanging in the VIP room with them.;)

    1. Thank you, I will. I absolutely love them and it would be hella cool to be in the VIP room!

  3. Wow, you take fan to a whole new level. Perfect prompt for you. Hope you have an amazing time at the concert. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    1. I'm loyal, if nothing else. haha. Oh there will be a blog post about it!

  4. Well you did such a great job on this that I was reading it and thinking oops I guess she forgot to post her Secret Subject swap post. I believed all of it until I got to the end. LOL I loved everything except for the fact that you made me feel super old. Hanson. Ha. ;)

  5. Of all the pics of my face, you chose that one?! Good article, by the way, I could so see you doing this!

    1. Yup, because I think it convey's your excitement the best!

  6. I shall now blame you for the song that will repeat in my head for the next several days. ;)
    You are freaking awesome!
    I haven't felt that way since Queen toured with Paul Rodgers in 2005.
    I just realized I might need to get a life.
    Have a fabulous time at the show and give my best to your BFF's in the band.
    Loved this!

    1. You, lady, are welcome! haha
      Thank you! :D
      I positively adore Hanson and have for so long, it's almost second nature.
      Thank you! I sure will!

  7. That's funny I was discussing with my little sister just the other day that these guys were releasing a new single soon. It really takes me back to my teenage years to start discussing the Hanson boys again.

  8. Amazing! I love how wove fiction in with fact to create your story.

  9. HOW COOL!!! I want details!! Where is the interview? I wanna read it :D
    And how on earth did you get this awesome opportunity? Happy for you! ox

    1. This is pure fiction and a total figment of my imagination. I SO wish it was true though!

  10. Imagine if you got to do all that, AND get paid for it?! Dreeeaammm job!

  11. Mmmbop...I love that song much to many folks chagrin. I would blast the radio and sing along. Mind, I was in my mid 30's at the time. Glad you posted the video, how much fun is that? Enjoy your time at the concert with you friend.
    Visiting from The Blog Strut, now following on Google+.
    Barbara @ www,


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