Monday, October 7, 2013

What Maisie Taught Me

Yesterday, I watched a movie called "What Maisie Knew". I rented it because I'd seen the trailer on YouTube while watching random Alexander Skarsgard clips (I can sense your judgment....) and I thought it looked pretty good.

This movie was absolutely HEART BREAKING. Basically, it's a movie about a little girl who's parents start a custody battle over her. Her Dad takes her to get back at her Mom, who is an utter train wreck. The Dad marries the nanny, so the Mom retaliates and marries some random friend. The Dad takes off to move to London, the Mom just drops the kid at the restaurant her new husband works at and he's not even there........just watch it.

This movie made me think of some things in terms of my own kids. Maisie's parents fought. A lot. All the time. And they didn't try to hide it from her, to shield her from their hateful words. And that just broke my heart, because you could see the pain, the confusion on her little face. 

I'm not saying that The Hubs and I don't fight. We do. Sometimes, they are little arguments, sometimes....they are doozies. But we always...ALWAYS.....try to shield the kids from hearing them. We aren't always successful, but we try really hard to not let them hear our words. 

In this movie (it's also a book by Henry can get it for free right now if you have a Kindle), this little girl had parents who were selfish. They put THEMSELVES before her. That's one thing The Hubs and I NEVER EVER EVER do. EVER. Our kids are absolute, #1 in our lives. Everything we's for them. 

So many parents aren't like that and it's sad. They are selfish. The use the kids as a tool to hurt the other party. The kid is a prop. Their use is masked, they make the child think it's love when it's not. 

This movie really made me realize that, in the rare moments that The Hubs and I have a spat, be it big or little, that we need to be more aware of the little ears and eyes that are around us. They see and hear more than we think.

If you get the chance, watch the movie (you can borrow it from Redbox) and then come back here and let me know what you think.


  1. I think you're right, we do need to be careful what we say in front of our kids.

    But I also think that our kids need to know that people do argue and disagree, that they work it through and that they still love each other.

    1. Oh, I agree. When we have disagreements, we'll do that in front of them. But when we have it out....that's what we hide from them.

  2. As always another great blog..... I've said it b4 & I'll probably say it a few more times "BUT" I just love reading your stories . how did you get so smart?

    Love you,


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