Friday, November 8, 2013

Giving Thanks With The Momisodes

It's time for the Secret Subject Swap. You know you're excited about it, don't lie. This week, 12 brave souls bloggers will be sharing with you subjects they were given. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

This week, my subject is "You have been informed by the networks that you must invite TV sitcom characters to Thanksgiving dinner.  Who would you invite and tell the tale of the meal!" It was given to me by the lovely Sarah from The Sadder But Wise Girl. Thanks for the prompt, lady!

I'm going to have to go old school here, because, honestly, I just don't watch sitcoms anymore. I just don't think that they have the same oomph they use to. I think they lack substance and creativity. Yea, I know, I

So, who would I invite? Immediately, I go to my old Friends from Central Perk. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe.

When I was a teenager, this show was my favorite. My life LITERALLY revolved around it. Any plans I made was made around the show coming on. When it came to an end, my heart broke. Even now, at the age of 29 (+1), I find myself watching reruns. One day, I will own all the season on DVD or Blu Ray. I'm determined. Now, on to my tale.....

"Bonjour!" comes the voice of my long lost friend, Rachel. She'd been living in Paris for a few years now, raising Emma, her daughter and balancing her life as a busy buyer in the fashion industry and as a wife to Ross Gellar. Oh, that was a beautiful wedding, no doubt. I'm so happy they FINALLY decided to get married. I turn to give her a hug, so happy to see her again. 

"Welcome, welcome! I'm so happy you guys have made it!" I said, hugging Ross, Ben (his son with Carol who is now 18), and Emma (11). As I start to shut the door, I hear a voice say "Could this place BE any more you?" That can only be one person.....Chandler Bing! He, Monica, and their twins Jack and Erica (they're 9!) are here! I've not seen the twins since they were itty bitty!

Another round of hugs, then I shuffle them into the living room, where they join Joey and Phoebe (formerly Buffay) Tribbiani. I know, every thought she'd married Mike. Well, she did. But he left her for her old friend Bonnie and, when that happened, she and Joey realized what they'd been fighting all along.....they were madly in love. It's so cute to watch Joey help Phoebe up. Her center of gravity is a little off, but being that she's 8 months pregnant with their first child, I'd say it's well deserved. The gang all hug and ooh and ahh over how much the kids have grown. I sit back and smile. This has been a long time coming.

As they catch up, I put the finishing touches on the meal. Monica comes in and gives her approval. I was nervous about cooking for her, being that she's a chef. But she said I pulled it off, so yay me! I call everyone in and we sit down to eat. We talk about how they helped me through my teenage years, about how the kids have grown up, how Ben is off to NYU to study political science with a minor in history. We reminisce about Thanksgiving gathers of the past, talk about plans for the future. It's almost as we'd just seen each other last week, the feeling of comfort.

As the meal comes to a close, Monica asks if we want to go to Central Perk for one last time. Being that they'd all moved away, they hadn't heard the news. Gunther moved away and Central Perk closed down and was eventually demolished, the lot turned into a parking lot. So many memories, gone, just like that. 

The sadness is evident, so I tell them to come down to the basement. One by one, we make our way to the finished area and jaws hit the floor. There, sitting against one wall is The Area....the couch, tables, and chairs we all sat in so many times.

"How'd you get that?" Rachel asked?

"Before he left, Gunther asked me if I wanted them....a little piece of home, so to speak. So I accepted and set it up down here."

One by one, they sat down. I made us some coffee in the machine I kept down here. We sat and told the kids stories of our early twenties, about the many nights spent sitting in these pieces of furniture. A sadness is felt that something that was such a central part of our lives....gone. Our kids would never experience it. 

With that thought in mind, we sit the kids down. Ben, Emma, Jack, Erica, Sebastian, Anastasia, and Cailin, each with coffee cups and we snap a picture. 

The evening comes to an end, with a sadness, yet sense of fulfillment. One by one, hugs are given, promises of keeping in touch and seeing each other soon are spoken. 

The door closes and once Friends are gone.

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  1. Twinnie! I loved that show. My daughter, 20, just started becoming obsessed with the reruns on TBS. What I wouldn't have given back then to watch 4 episodes in a row! Great prompt and answer. Damn it Gunther, how dare you leave Central Perk to be a parking lot!!

  2. OMGOMGOMG LOVE LOVE LOVE! Sorry, it's only my favorite tv show on the whole planet, so I'm really excited here people!!!!!

    Soooo... Bonnie let her hair grow back? No more bald Bonnie. Yeah, she and Mike might have made a cute couple...

    Rachel didn't make a trifle for dessert? Maybe she learned her lesson the first time? (Since it tasted like feet and all).

    This was fun-I would totally invite them over too. Maybe we need to get together for a Friends marathon. I have seasons 1-7 on dvd. I'm hoping to get the rest very soon! :-D

  3. I love Friends!!
    I have a few seasons on VHS that we watch often. :)
    I'd be nervous inviting them over but it surly would be a hoot.
    Loved this!
    Now I need a good Friends marathon!

  4. Every time I read one of your swaps I'm blown away by the evolution of your writing. You can really spin a tale, I was in that moment with you through this whole post. Loved it.

  5. You so could sell this as a Reunion movie! Great post! I agree new sitcoms don't have the same "umph". I find a lot of my sister's friends watching Friends... she's a decade younger than me!

  6. I LOVE FRIENDS!!!! Still watching on reruns every chance I get! And I love than Gunther gave you the furniture - you should so sell this to NBC!! Awesome post! As always!!!!!! Love your blog!

    1. Thank you! Yea, the furniture had to be in there.....they were characters of their own right.

  7. I would have picked the Friends cast too. Mostly because I know Monica would totally clean my house.

  8. Loved it! Your writing really had me there with you. Love the detail of taking a photo of the kids in "the spot." Well done!

    1. Thank you. What better to carry on the legacy....

  9. I would totally invite the cast from Modern Family--but my hubs would def. go for the Friends cast!

    1. My hubs isn't a Friends fan. He'd invite the cast from Psych, which I could get on board with.

  10. Who wouldn't invite the cast of Friends?? Awesome answer to the prompt and well done!! I love SSS! But did you have to mention that Ben's 18 and Emma's 11 now? GAH. I didn't need to feel 80yo today thankyouverymuch. ;)

    1. Oh, I was floored when I saw it too. I was like "Come on now!"

  11. Awesome post! I love how you had the Central Perk furniture in your basement!

  12. Another well written blog..... bravo ...


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