Friday, November 22, 2013

Oh Yum! Poop!

Did you guys miss me last month for "Fly on the Wall?" I'm sorry I wasn't around, but I was buzzing my little heart out at the Hanson concert. Oh, the life a fly!! But I'm back and I'm hoping to provide you with some laughs!

Let's not waste any time and jump right in to the fun, shall we?

*We decided to give Boy Child a War Head to see how he would handle it. Of COURSE I was equipped with my camera to catch the hilarity. Oh, it was so fun to watch the faces he would make. But he handled it like a champ! Here's one picture.
Ever had something so sour, you turn into a Velociraptor?

*Halloween came and went and my crew wracked up! Lil Bit has this horrible, nasty habit of sneaking candy, knowing she isn't allowed to have anymore. One day, she had so much that she either passed out or fell into a sugar coma. I was watching TV with her while she was laying in the floor (she dragged a blanket from my room into the living room to lay on). Next thing I know...she's passed out!
No....I'm not as think as you sugar high I am!

*I'm not entirely sure why, but Boy Child has this horrible habit of sleeping with his toys in a pile on his bed. It's usually his most treasured items. So I wasn't surprised when I went into his room and found this:
If there is ever a snatching of toys, these guys are safe.
That's every Skylander character he owns, plus his big Transformers toys. It looks horribly uncomfortable.
In this mess, was found. I'd like to say congrats to the Green Ranger and Megatron on meeting and finding romance.
True love!

*My favorite spoon has gone missing. It was my pasta spoon. That thing was versatile and made an AWESOME back scratcher. I'm not entirely sure WHERE it disappeared to, but it's gone and that made me sad. So I went to Dollar Tree one day and I found me a new one. I was entirely too happy to have this device......
Welcome home, baby!

*The hubs and I were in Walmart with Lil Bit when she let out this squeal. She goes "MOMMY!! DADDY!! LOOK AT THOSE JAMMIES! THEY HAVE A TUTU!!!!!!!!!". So we look and, lo and be hold, there are some Princess jammies that make the wearer look like they are a ballerina and it comes with a tutu. Naturally, we had to buy them. She's insisted on wearing them every day since.
She loves ballerina stuff....doesn't want to take ballet.

*I wanted some new pictures of my kids, but I'm cheap and didn't want to pay anyone. So, I didn't....I took them myself, then edited them. I'm not a professional by any means, but I think I did a decent job.
Girl Child, Boy Child, and Lil Bit

*Girl Child was surprisingly un-embarrassing these past few weeks. But she DID make it into her school spelling bee, so I'm really proud of her for that. She was one of 16 kids and, though she was out in the first round, she worked hard.

*Finally, I'd like to take a moment and say congrats to my Momma. While she was here in July, she told me that she wanted to lose weight. I gave her some ideas (that I should really practice myself), like walking around Winn Dixie. She went home and utilized these ideas and since has lost a staggering 46lbs! Congrats Momma! You've inspired me to make the changes I need to to lose weight. Though I'm starting after the holidays, I hope the next time we see each other, we'll both be thinner and, more importantly, healthier. Love ya mama!!
Look at my skinnier mama!!!

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  1. Oh ow...stuffed animals are SO much easier to sleep with that action figures. The risk of suffocating under a mound of stuffed animals has to be better than robot-shaped bruises. could maybe pass on a few of those hints you gave your mom. I'd be all over that!

    1. I don't get that
      Basically, I told her to cut out soda, limit her carbs as much as possible, and walk around Winn Dixie.

  2. I LOVE the pictures you took of your kids. I think often pictures taken by someone who cares about the subjects show the love somehow.

    And congratulations to your mom. She's doing great!

    1. Thanks! I'm considering do it for winter pics. Not sure yet.

  3. I take and edit all of the pictures of my kids too.
    They turned out great! You have cute kids so I can imagine you got tons of great shots.
    Kudos to your mama on the great progress!! That is great!

  4. Wow mom is looking good!
    That tutu is adorable and the pic is great, I don't even know how to edit pics so you are one step ahead of me :)

  5. I love the pictures of the kids---these are always my favorite with the posts. And your mom--WOW! What an accomplishment! Tell her to send some of that motivation my way--- I NEED it!

    1. Will do!! You could always drive a few hours to the west coast! lol

  6. Cheers to your mama! That's wonderful!
    Love, love all the toys in you son's bed. He will never be lonely! The tutu jambes rock. Also, is there anything better than a candy coma? Mmmm.


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