Monday, December 23, 2013

From High School To Blog

Yesterday, my Dad cleaned out his attic. I'd stored some things up there before I moved back to Florida, back in 2002. Aside from me FINALLY having a pair of pants that I've had since high school, I found an article I wrote for a class. I read over it and I was pretty much amazed by what I wrote. So, I figured I'd type it out and share with you all. It doesn't have a title, as I was writing it as an editorial.

People say that television is the biggest leeway to violent acts. And today, so many shows that are shown on television are edited so that the whole meaning behind the program is deleted entirely and it leaves the viewer bewildered.

But what happened to the first amendment? Aren't we allowed freedom of things such as press and speech? If so, then censorship is eliminating the entire structure upon which American literature is based.

If we can't express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions freely, then how will we ever be able to let the facts out of the bag? We write and demonstrate our feelings to show the world what it is inside our creative minds. We are ALL creatures with the need to let our creativity fly without the worry of censorship.

Everyday you read about people breaking laws and going against morals, but everyday, society is doing the exact same thing. They are going against the morals of the amendments. If we can't even trust society with the solid foundation on which our founding fathers built for us, then how can we trust them at all?

How can we call ourselves a free nation when, in all rational, we are not free. We can't write about things without them getting censored. Our creativity is what freedom is all about.

You cannot expect people of this supposedly free nation to follow a good example when all we see is corruption and greed.  Until the nation's leaders that censor our only creative outlet can express our freedom, then the nations people will forever rebel.

I was 17 and a junior when I wrote this. Here in Kentucky, they use to do writing portfolios, so I think this was written for that, but I can't remember. I think I was going for a mature response, but I'm not really sure I "got" it....

But was fun to read it!

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  1. That WAS fun to read. Even at 17, it's pretty clear that you were headed towards the blogosphere.


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