Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Winter...There Should Be No Flies!

It is time for Fly on the Wall! Basically, you get a glimpse into my life with snippets that aren't quite full blog post worthy. This ain't your first rodeo, so you know the drill.

♥ Girl Child is in choir and I FINALLY got to see her sing at a little thing they do here in my town called Christmas on Main. I was so proud of her!! She did an AWESOME job. I have video of her singing, but I didn't upload it to youtube, just Facebook.
GC is in the middle there on the end.

♥ I turned 31 on 12/10. I was surprised by The Hubs with cards from him and the kids and season 1-4 of Friends on DVD. Needless to say, I was excited! I've yet to crack them open, but I'll get my chance on the 28th and 29th, when The Hubs goes out of town with some friends to watch a football game.

♥ As I mentioned up there, my town puts on a parade and Christmas festival every year called Christmas on Main. I live in a small town here in Kentucky (in 2012, the population was 6,052). They do this thing called the book walk, where businesses up and down main street host book readings. Some businesses set up and hand out hot chocolate and apple cider. It's very quaint and one of the things I love about small town living.
It's not that great of a shot, but this is main street, also referred to as "down town"
Lil Bit, Boy Child and Girl Child waiting on the parade to start

♥ Lil Bit has discovered that, if she wants to get out going to bed at bedtime, all she has to do is come out and give us a good laugh. This usually earns her 10 extra minutes of TV. What she does is come out with a blanket over head, go to my side of the couch, throw it off and say "TADA!"
It's the ghost of Lil Bit past
♥ We are DONE with our Christmas shopping.........nuff said.
♥ I'm still recovering from my car accident. So far, nothing has been done because homeboy that hit me has been dodging his insurance company. BS right?! UGH!

♥ OH! We got our tree up and the inside of our house decorated. We didn't do the seems like something has come up every time we were planning on it. But the inside looks pretty, so yay us! lol
Our tree!
My snowman villiage
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  1. Happy belated Birthday! I love the pics---makes me miss the days when my kids were young and singing in various school programs. I also miss their innocence when they believed in Santa. Good news is though that I have a granddaughter to spoil now! Merry Christmas to you and your family and have a Happy, HEALTHY New Year!

  2. Love your beautiful tree. And Lil Bit's antics always keep me laughing.

    Happy 31!

  3. I'm so jealous about the DVD set of Friends. If I were you I'd lock everyone out of the house and just watch them until I turned into a zombie. Wonder how long the blanket and "Ta Da" will work for Lil Bit! I can just see her when she's 14 :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Beautiful!!
    The Book Walk sounds like so much fun! What a neat event to participate in each year.
    Hopefully the dodgy offender's insurance will finally call it in your favor on account of douche bag. Sorry that you are still having to recover form this unfortunate accident but I'm glad you all are well.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and nothing but greatness in 2014! <3

  5. Ghost of Lil Bit past. Any good advice? I love parades!! Yea that douche loser needs a whooping. I'm just glad you wasn't seriously hurt!!

  6. Love Friends :) your tree is pretty and the ghosted kid is pretty cute :)

  7. I'm totally doing the "ta da" thing tonight. I'll probably scare the life out of my husband. Give me a ring when you're ready to start the Friends marathon!
    I'm sorry to read about the accident. I hope it all gets resolved sooner rather than later. You need a car to get coffee, man!

  8. I love all the kid photos.
    Hope everyone is well and that you all stay safe.

  9. What a gorgeous tree! I love it! And Friends is the BEST! So sorry to hear about the accident....yuck! Hope things get resolved soon. That's awful. But I adore that your town has a little X-mas parade! That's precious. And YAY for your daughters X-mas performance! Loved your whole post!


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