Friday, December 6, 2013

What A Concept!

It's time for the Secret Subject Swap! This is number 27. Pretty freaking cool! Basically, a bunch of us awesome bloggers get together, swap subjects, then we unleash the Kraken! Oh...wait...I mean, we all post at the same time on the same day. This is the brainchild of the lovely Karen from Baking in a Tornado.

This month, my subject comes from The Bergham's Life Chronicles and it is "If you could make certain that all human beings possessed one character trait... no matter what their personality and other character traits entailed... what trait would you make certain all human's had?" Thank ya for the subject!

I'm pretty sure Karen had me in mind when she gave me this one. It's an easy one to write about, but it won't hold the humor that I try to bring to these.

If I could make certain that we all had one character trait, it would be the trait of acceptance. I know, that may not be a trait, but it's what I'd make sure we all had. Not acceptance in a passive way, but on the most human of levels. There wouldn't be any judgment, no harsh treatment, no bullying. We'd all accept everyone and their differences and we'd love them for it. How awesome is that concept?

There'd be no nasty words spoken when the subject of marriage equality comes up. There'd be no subject at all, because it would be the norm. After all, the norm IS what is accepted, right?  LOVE would be the normal thing and gender wouldn't define the standards in which love is considered normal. It would just exist.

There'd be no religious intolerance. We'd accept that we all believe and worship differently. No one would be right. No one would be wrong. We'd just freely worship without fear of being told that what we have faith in or what we DON'T have faith in is the wrong thing. There would be no religious persecution. No one would throw around "I'll pray for you" as an insult. It would be genuine.

We'd accept the difference that make us who we are. No more bullying, no more hatred for being you. We would just exist in a blissful happiness. Peace and love, man.....peace and love.  Maybe there would be no wars. We'd lift EVERYONE up, regardless of who they are, what they believe, who they love. Maybe there would be no more murder. It would really be sunshine and rainbows all day, every day.

Maybe it's me being simple minded. It's wishful thinking. But I think we all need more acceptance. I'm just as guilty as the next person.
RIP Nelson Mandela
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  1. Amen, sister-Twinnie! Acceptance. Kindness. Love. How wonderful and timely. You did forget to hope that all mankind would have the same burning love for a hot cup of Joe and an unending amount of chick flicks. Or is that just me? <3

  2. Damn I tried to comment and hit the wrong button I think. That would be a wonderful trait for everyone to have. I have a special needs child who so desperately needs people to accept him for who he is-I so wish I could make that happen.

  3. That is the perfect trait. Couldn't agree more. Loved it!

  4. Not everything has to be funny. And without a doubt you gave this subject the respect it deserved. You nailed it, that's what I love about you.

  5. I couldn't love your answer more if I tried!!! Absolutely perfect answer!!!! Thank you!!!!


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