Friday, January 3, 2014

From The Tween Files: The Girl Got A Camera

For Christmas, we decided to get Girl Child her own digital camera. She likes to use mine, so we figured...why not.


Her lamp

She was watching Teen Beach Movie

Boy Child's video games

She's proud of her gift bag.


But I forgot to discuss with her one photo no-no...........

The dreaded "duck face"...

Oh yes.....I felt as if I had failed as a parent. Here I am, loading her pictures to her Facebook for her, going through them to turn them this way and that (and making sure she didn't sneak any pics of me in there) when BAM....there it is. My sweet, innocent 9 year old making the duck face....(yes, my 9 year old has a Facebook that I strictly monitor and that she doesn't have the log in info for. She likes to play the games....).

*face palm*

Proof that I'm a horrid mother!

No, dear sweet DARLING

She is also learning the fine art of the "selfie". She's not that bad at taking them, but she is kinda funny to watch in the act. She looks so nervous and scared, then she pushes the button and it's like SUPAHSTAH!!! The she worries she didn't pull it's a vicious cycle.

Oh hai!
The "I'm not taking this pic, someone shorter is" angle

She got a pink camera and the squeal she let out when she saw it was on a level I'm sure only dogs could hear. I've had to take it away from her to charge it several times and she's only had it since Monday (the one we bought her for Christmas didn't work). She's excited to take it to school on Monday so she can snap pics of her and all her friends. I can only imagine what I will be uploading for her.

All I have to say is this.....and so it begins.

I leave you with her take on my thoughts on all of this....


  1. HA. The duck face and the selfie, no doubt about it, your baby's growing up!

    1. I know.....there was another of her wearing the pink lip gloss we got her for Christmas.

  2. As I've said many many times and will be saying it a million more times.... "She is her mothers daughter"..... She is growing up way to fast....


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