Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Welcome To The Dark Side!

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the band Hanson (proof of that here, here, and here). When my husband and I first met and I told him about this love of the band, he kind of laughed. 

For 5 years, he has "picked" on me for being a fan of their music. He has made the mistake that so many other people have made....he didn't give them a chance past "MMMBop".

Until, that is, I made him.

It happened one day....I just put in my CD while we were driving and started listening to it. He protested a bit at first, but as time went on and I put that CD in more and more, he started singing along. He was reluctant, but one day, he finally admitted that the music wasn't horrible.

The one day he finally admitted he liked it.

So, on his own, he researched and listened to more music. He found that a lot of their music is much better than the crap they are trying to pass for music now. So I told him about them, about how they are now indie, working off their own label. I told him about how they really care about their fans and interact with them. I told them about the walks, the experience of being a fan.

The one night, one glorious night, while a tad bit (read: a lot) inebriated, he finally, FINALLY made the admission to me that I'd been longing to hear.

He considered himself a fan.

Now, he's just a baby fan right now. He may never mature past that stage and that's okay. Me? I'm like a senior fan. I know more than I probably SHOULD know about them. But when you've followed a band since you were 14, that tends to happen.

With his Fanson admission came the desire to go "Back to the Island", which is something the band has done for the past two years. If you are a member of their fan club, you can go to Jamaica and basically party with the guys. We'd both absolutely LOVE to go. It would be a honeymoon of sorts for us, because we never got one. 

The problem?

While it is at an all-inclusive resort, it is more money than we have. Airfare and resort pricing puts us at needing around $4,500. We don't have that and, while we could save for it, I'd rather save to buy a house or use that money for something we can do as a family. So I don't see a going to Jamaica at any point. I would, however, like to go to Tulsa in May for Hanson Day (yup, it's a real thing...)

It's really awesome to know that my husband now like a band that I've literally grown up with. I have such an appreciation for this band and, for him to really get in to it as he has, it really makes me happy. Because, as hokey as it sounds, Hanson is something I hold near and dear to my heart. It's not just about being a fan and listening to the music. It's about how a certain song can make me remember how it got me through something. That's pretty powerful.

So welcome to the dark side, my love. And Isaac, Taylor, and Zac....if you guys happen to read this and wanna pay for two people who have never had a honeymoon to come party with y'all next year, that would be truly amazing. My husband really, really, REALLY wants to get drunk with Ike......


  1. I love the way you slowly and patiently won him over. Good for you. Hope you get to Jamaica. If you ever do, have a drink for me!

    1. Thanks! If I do, I most certainly will drink one for you. I might go crazy and drink more than that for ya. lol


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