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7 Days of Love: The Bergham Chronicles

Welcome to 7 Days of Love! If you are a fan of my Facebook page, then you'd noticed I'd posted a few times, asking for people to share their love stories. These are a couple of the stories. 

Our first one comes from Jules over at The Bergham Chronicles!

When I think about the love story that is Chad and I, I laugh. Then I sigh. I follow that with a smile. He and I are definitely one of those opposites attract types of tales. I'm hope we turn into a happily ever after tale. Lucky for me, it sure seems like we might. In a few short days, it will be six years since we first met. In some ways it seems as though it has been far longer than that, and in other ways it feels like it has passed in the blink of an eye.

I'm blessed. Chad? I'm thinking he is cursed. Don't get me wrong, he annoys the heck out of me (Don't even get me started on how he eats, never listens to anything I say, his inability to close drawers....), but he also loves the heck out of me. Finding a person that can love and accept you for you, is a blessing indeed.

Chad and I met in a chat room. Yep. I'm not a huge fan of Internet dating. I feel it is risky and fails far more often than not. Yet, I'd like to think Chad and I are one of the greatest success stories of Internet dating.

We met February 2008 in a chat room I popped into, because a friend asked me to. The conversation was flowing and the music being played was decent. I decided to stay a bit. Now, I'm not a cam watcher. Unless we are friends and I've known you for ages, I don't need to see your cam. Truthfully, even if we are friends, I probably still don't need to see it. For whatever reason, I decided to peek at one of the cams. I think it must have been something said in the room.

Best decision ever.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Seriously. I can't remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, but I remember the exact moment I saw Chad for the first time. He was amazingly handsome and his eyes blew me away.

Not only did I peek at his cam, but I watched his cam. Stared, watched... same thing. I turned into a complete dork in the room. Flirting casually. By casually, I mean like a bull in a China shop. Yes, that noticeably. Bless him for not running.

After a while of watching him, I noticed he hadn't smiled. I wanted to see his smile. I've got a thing for smiles. I made it my mission to make him smile. Goofy jokes told. No smile. Shameless flirting completed. No smile. Compliments given. No smile. His eyes would twinkle, but his mouth wouldn't even twitch.

If beating around the bush doesn't work, try the direct approach. I asked him if he ever smiled. He said he did. I tried more lame jokes. Jokes so lame, you just had to smile. Not Chad. So somebody suggested to make a butt of myself. I laughed it off, and said to do that, I'd need to have a butt. It is a long running joke among my friends that I seriously lack a butt. Then somebody started saying that if I proved I had no butt, that would be funny, and Chad would have to smile.

It was decided that the way to Chad's smile was through my butt, or lack there of. I got up and put on my best jeans. The ones with pockets that almost made it seem like I had a butt. I turned on my cam and proved that I lacked a butt. VoilĂ . He smiled.

A glorious smile. A smile that made the world stop spinning. What? I'm serious. It stopped spinning. Check the history books. Oh I was smitten. We started chatting and continued until the room closed. We went to another room and talked a while longer. Then made plans to continue our conversation later.

After he was gone, I decided now just wasn't the right time for me to have a relationship. Then I remembered that smile. Eh maybe?!

Over the next few days, we would meet in chat rooms and talk. He was fabulous.  I knew he wasn't the man for me though. He was and is the complete opposite of my "type". That was fine. I could be his friend. Enjoy his company. Plus, as an added bonus I could enjoy his smile occasionally.

After knowing him almost 2 weeks. Talking to him daily. Giving him dating advice (Nope. Not joking. Good advice, if I say so myself. I think I secretly wanted it to fail though). I started thinking that I really liked him. I was in Indiana. He was in California. I would NEVER live in California. He had a 4 year old, and would NEVER leave California. I decided we were definitely not meant to be more than friends.

The next couple of weeks went by in a flash. We talked tons. We just naturally progressed into a dating routine. My friends teased that I had a boyfriend and didn't even know it. I insisted we were friends. He and I played Scrabble on Yahoo (Literati?). His roommate and I played Scrabble on Yahoo. We talked about every subject under the sun.

The we discussed what we were doing. Well, we were dating, under the disguise of being friends. He didn't want a long distance relationship, nor did I. He said if we do this, we really do this. So, we did this... err that. We officially became a couple in March.

On May 31, 2008, he flew to Indiana and stayed a week. Our first date was dinner at Red Lobster and then going to see "The Dark Knight". It was a fun week. We were as awkwardly fabulous in person, as we were on the internet, right down to him stepping on my toe as he gave me our first kiss.

After he returned to California, it was decided I would move. My friend lives in Sacramento, and her mom agreed to take me on as a roommate. Plans were falling into place.

Before I moved out here, I gave Chad a chance to change his mind. I told him I wouldn't be upset. It was a big step and if he wasn't 100% sure, we shouldn't do it. I also may have said something about, if he changed his mind after my terrified to fly (nonexistent) butt got on a plane and flew across the country, the continuation of his life may not be guaranteed. Yeah, I possibly could have said that.

He assured me he wanted me out here. He even made a silly joke about hanging me from a tree in an almond orchard, if he got tired of me. A joke that made less sense than the jokes I made the night we met. I packed my bags and boarded the plane, and on August 5, 2008, I moved to California. A place I said I'd never live. To be with a man I had met just under 6 months previously. For the record, not once have I claimed to be fully sane.

It was by far the craziest decision of my life. He and I have come so far. I've nearly died multiple times. I've been paralyzed and hospitalized. He stuck by my side through it all. He has taken care of me completely. Hey, don't get all goo goo over how fabulous he is. I've saved his life too. At least a million times! Every time he annoys the living daylights out of me, and I choose to let him live, I save his life.

We've come through it all side by side. Still best friends. Still in love. Still alive (which at times didn't seem likely). We have a daughter. She is 7 months old, and the most beautiful girl ever. I may be biased on that fact though.

In all these years, I've only truly had doubts about my decision once. He was bringing me to his house for the first time, and I asked what all the trees were. "Oh, that's an almond orchard." I had some doubts for a bit.

The moral of this story is, I love Chad very much, and if ever I'm found dead in an almond tree, Chad did it.

Jules, TheBerghamChronicles

Check back tomorrow to read Juicebox Confessional's love story!

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  1. I'm a sucker for love stories and this is a great one. Thanks for sharing Sarah and Jules.

  2. Even If You Aren't Found In An Almond Tree, Chad Still Did It.. :)


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