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7 Days of Love: Jessica from Moms Hiding with Candy

Welcome to 7 Days of Love! If you are a fan of my Facebook page, then you'd noticed I'd posted a few times, asking for people to share their love stories. These are a couple of the stories.

Today's story comes from Jessica from Facebook page Moms Hiding with Candy


Matt and I had met waaaaaay back in 2003 after I obtained a job at Home
Depot. Both of us were dating people we thought were "the ones",  but I had
no clue that he did in fact have a crush on me. He would come up to the
Special Services desk and ask me to make signs for him because he had
chicken scratch for writing. ( Years later I found out his hand writing was
actually beautiful, he just used that as an excuse to come talk to me.) He
also had a nickname, well two nicknames for me. One was " Safety Roll Call
Nazi: Both opening and closing shifts had to find hazards in their
department and report them to me so I could log them. If they didn't have
them in by a certain time, I had to call and page them until they came up
with one. Matt was ALWAYS the last one. Also, he and a few other male
co-workers called me Jugs. Can you guess as to why? Ugh. Men.

Anyhoo, I ended up transferring to another store closer to my home town and
left that one behind.  On my goodbye apron he wrote:


" I'll miss you and your evil safety roll call pages. Good luck sweetheart.

Years go by, and I'm still with the supposed man of my dreams. Our
relationship had turned pretty sour. It was very verbally & emotionally
abusive. It was a very unhealthy environment for both us, but we stayed
together because we had pretty much alienated every one in our lives,
including family. I'm 5'4, and supposed to weigh a healthy 135lbs. I was
down to 95 pounds and extremely sick. Horribly depressed, I had lost
friends, family, jobs, weight...even hair. Then one day in 2009 I receive a
friend request on My Space....yes, My Space. Low and behold it is Matthew.
He looks completely different from the person I had remembered at Home
Depot. Muscular, confident looking, and more importantly he had a beard. I
was smitten. We emailed one another almost every day, talking about our
lives...mostly his because he had so much more going for him than I did at
the time. He was living in Washington for his job, but had previously lived
in Texas and Missouri. My heart ached for something new. I knew that if I
stayed where I was any longer I wasn't going to be around for much longer,
that's how depressed I was. So when Matt said he was coming back to Ohio
for a week, he asked if he could see me. During this time, I had already
been broken up with my s/o, it had been six months actually. So I thought,
what the hell...let's see how this goes.

So I drove up from Columbus to my parents house, where he came to pick me
up. When I first opened the door to let him in, my dog Coby ran over to him
and for some odd reason, bit him on his arm and actually drew blood! Matt
wasn't even fazed, he just kept talking to me, and slowly came in for a
brief kiss. ( While blood was dripping from his arm, LOL. How romantic) We
drove to parents house for dinner and I stayed the weekend with him and his
family. For the first time in years I slept soundly. I was so terrified of
my ex, that I could never sleep both when we lived together or whenever we
stayed apart. I had nightmares he would come after me and hurt both me and
anyone ( whether it be friends or family) because I wasn't with him. But
that weekend, I felt so safe and at peace...I knew that things had to
change. I could be myself around him. I laughed. I felt like the person I
used to be.

One of my most cherished possessions I own is my Saint Anthony pendant that
was given to me by my paternal Grandmother. I have worn it around my neck
every day for 5 years. For those of you that don't know about St. Anthony,
he is believed to be  the saint of "miracles," but he is most famous as the
patron saint of finding lost articles, missing persons. The night he
dropped me back off at my parents, we sat on my front porch to say our
goodbyes. I took my necklace off, slid the pendant off and handed it to
him. I told him that I was giving him this pendant as a promise that I
would come out to Washington to be with him, and that was the only way I
was every to get that pendant back. St. Anthony would help bring us back
together again. We hugged and cried and then he left.

Not even a month later I made the decision ( which at the time I thought
would be a very difficult one to make, but my heart had already made it for
me so it was actually quite easy) to pack everything up, leave Columbus and
all the bad memories behind and start my new life in Washington. My parents
and friends were thrilled. As was Matthew. I cannot even tell you the
feeling I had when I took my first steps onto my plane. The very first song
to play on my I-Pod as we took off was " Changes in Latitudes, Changes in
Attitudes" by Jimmy Buffett. It was perfect.

The lyrics " Oh yesterdays over my shoulder, and I can't look back for too
long. There's just too much to see, waiting in front of me and I know I
just can't go wrong."
So we were finally together. And my pendant? He placed it back around my
neck on a bran new silver chain he bought for me. That was 2008. Today it
is February 8, 2014. We have been happily married for over 3 1/2 years and
have two beautiful little boys, a German Shepherd that runs into doors, and
a very fat cat. Matt has changed my life. I actually like to say he saved
me. I'm the person I have always wanted and needed to be because of him. We
laugh at the same stuff, we finish one another sentences. Our families have
a great time together. It's a dream come true. If you would have asked me
10 years ago where I thought I would end up, I don't think I could have
ever guessed I would be where I am. Together as a family we have lived in
three different states. We left WA to South Dakota, then Minnesota and now
we are back in Washington state living in Seattle. Matthew has brought
adventure into our lives. He's allowed me to grow into an independent
person. I've learned to use snow blowers in blizzard conditions, lol, I've
learned how to parent two toddlers are my own and keep our house together
and organized while he works crazy hours. He is a true blessing. He loves
me for me, he respects me. He is everything I could ever ask for in a
husband, a best friend and partner in crime.  If it weren't for him, I
truly believe I wouldn't be here right now.

So that's my love story. It's my favorite.

 Check back tomorrow to hear MY love story!
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