Friday, February 14, 2014

7 Days of Love: My Story

Welcome to 7 Days of Love! If you are a fan of my Facebook page, then you'd noticed I'd posted a few times, asking for people to share their love stories. These are a couple of the stories.

Today is my story....

I met The Hubs online. We met in May of 2008 on a site called Plenty Of Fish. He sent me a message and I was a little hesitant to answer back, because his profile was so bare. But I did. That night, we exchanged yahoo handles and talked for, like, 5 hours about just about everything. I wanted to hear his voice, but was too shy to actually talk to him, so I had him call and leave a voicemail. OMG his voice was so sexy!

We set up a couple of dates, but he stood me up (jerk), then we just lost touch. I started seeing someone else. That ended in July and I was going to just stay single for a bit.

One day, I came across The Hubs' phone number in my cell phone, so I sent him a text and we started talking again. We would spend hours on the phone together. We finally set up a date.

He was late getting there (there was an accident and he got stuck in traffic).

When he walked up to me, I was nervous. He was tallish, dark and handsome. We went for a drink and just talked about everything and nothing. Then we went to the Mill and sat next to the water and talked some more.

It was a starry night, perfect romantic setting for a first kiss or some sort of move. None was made though. I thought he wasn't in to me.

It was late, so we went back to his car. There, he made a move and kissed me. He asked me to be his girlfriend and, naturally, I said yes. I didn't want the night to end.

The next day, he came to my apartment and spent the night (I know, I know....don't you judge me). I was already falling and I was falling hard. We hung out until it was time for him to go to work and me to go out of town. We texted the whole time I was visiting family and I couldn't wait to get home and see him again.

I pulled up in my parking lot for my apartment and he was there waiting on me. We went to dinner and just hung out. That night, he called me when he got home and told me we were getting married. I said okay, because I totally thought he was joking.

We spent every moment we could together and, on September 18, 3 weeks after our first date, we got married.

We've had our ups and downs, been through trials that would tear apart other couples. But we came through them and grew stronger. He is so much more than my husband. He's my best friend, my soul mate, my other half. He's my strength when I need it, my voice, my air. I know he was sent to me by my grandparents, because I always said that if I had a love half as strong as theirs, I'd consider myself lucky. They knew he could provide that.

Today would have been their 73 wedding anniversary. I miss them so much, but they are together...this I know.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. I hope you have a fantastic day.

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  1. Wow!!! I thought me and my husband rushed in! (dated for 8 mos - our whole family thought we were crazy.)

    That's amazing that you guys managed to stay together after such a brief courtship. Congrats on finding your love! <3 <3

    1. Thank you and you too! Sometimes, rushing in works out better.

  2. I believe he was sent by your grandparents too. And as far as staying the night and then getting married so quickly goes, sometimes you just know.

  3. Awesome story! It's a good thing you didn't lose his number after he stood you up!!

    1. Right! It is hard to believe that a simple text that said "What up, kid? Remember me?" led to this. But I'm so happy it did.

  4. Twinnie- The Grandparents, the love at first sight. I love it I love it all. Especially the name of the online place! Marriage is ups and downs, you are doing it all right. I'm tipping my cup of coffee to the two of you <3

    1. Thank you, twinnie! It's been a bumpy ride, but one worth taking for sure.


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