Monday, February 3, 2014

Magical Pork Nuggets

(Thanks for the name, Amie!)


A time for sports fans to gather 'round and watch the "big game". It's should basically be a holiday, really. There are parties.



Good times are to be had.

Unless, of course, you are The Hubs and I.

We invited several people to come watch the game with us. It ended up being me, The Hubs, and my brother (Baby Bro). But it is all good, 'cause they missed out on some yummy food.

I made two foods that I'm going to share recipes with you. The first is Pulled BBQ Chicken. It's basically like the Easy Peasy Pulled Pork Sammiches, only it's chicken.

I took 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts and put them in the crock pot with a 32oz bottle of honey barbeque sauce (I used Kraft, but use your favorite brand). I put them on at about 10 am and let them cook all day. Around 4ish, I shredded the chicken. We served them on regular hamburger buns.

The second recipe is what my friend Amie dubbed Magical Pork Nuggets.

These were a hit and SUPER easy to make.

Preheat your oven to 400*.

I used a pack of cheap hotdogs and I cut them in quarters. Then I took a pack of regular bacon, cut them in half and wrapped one bacon half around one quartered hotdog. I secured it with a tooth pick and put it on the pan. Once I did this with all the hotdogs and bacon, I used about a cup of brown sugar and sprinkled it on top. I put it in the oven for 30 minutes. OMG, so fattening, so not good for you, but SOOOOOOOOO yummy.

Plus...ya know....bacon.

I also served queso and chips. That one is easy to make, if you don't know how. Half a block of Velveeta, cubed and a can of original Rotel. Pop it in the microwave for about 7 minutes, making sure to stir it every few minutes. Easy peasy, right?

How was YOUR Super Bowl?

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