Monday, February 17, 2014

You Just Made Me Ink!

When I was a little girl, I remember seeing my mother's back, where she had a tattoo. I asked her what it was and she said it was a picture. I, being a wee lass at the time, naturally thought someone had colored on her back with a marker. 

Next time she was in the bath tub, I tried to scrub it off.

As long as I can remember, I've had a fascination with tattoos. When I was a teenager, I begged my mom for one. She held firm to her stance that I had to be 18 before I could. I could respect that.

As my 18th birthday neared, I started thinking about the tattoo that I wanted. I put a lot of thought into it and I told my mom that I was going to get one. She not only agreed, but said she would pay for it, it would be my gift. So on December 10, 2000, I went with my mother to get my very first tattoo.

I'd never been near a tattoo parlor. I'd never seen anything about how tattoos were done. So when I want to get my tattoo and saw all it entailed, I got a little scared and would have backed out, but the artist said that he'd already opened everything and we would have had to pay for it. So I went ahead and, with a roomful of people cheering me on and my mother's hand to hold, I got my first tattoo.

That tattoo is on my left ankle. It is MAYBE the size of a quarter. I almost broke my mom's hand getting it. 

After I got done with the tattoo, they handed me an aftercare paper and I remember that, on the top of it it said "WARNING: Tattoos are highly addictive!". I remember laughing and saying I would never get another one.

In September of 2005, I went with a friend of mine to a tattoo parlor so he could get a piercing. I was looking through some of the work and found two tattoos that I just loved and thought...why not.

<~~~~~~ This one is on my left wrist, on the inside.

                                   This one is on my right wrist, on the inside.

They are bigger 2" or so. I absolutely love them. Here I was, with 3 tattoos.....and I was already itching for more.

My 4th game in December of 2007. This one was probably my most painful, because the artist was a little heavy on the hand. But I still love it.

It's clovers with a S and A in the middle.

All of my tattoo, with the exception of the butterfly, represented Boy and Girl Child.

In 2009, Lil Bit came along. It took me a while to get anything to represent her, but as of Thursday, I finally did!

Photo Credit goes to Lesley

I had a local tattoo artist named Lesley design it for me. She does some AMAZING work and having her put this on me was an honor. It barely hurt and her laid back attitude really helped me. This is on my left arm, on the inside, right next to the bend in the elbow. 

I already have that itch for more ink. And I know I'll be going back to Lesley at Atmosphere Tattoo. If you are in the London, KY area and want to get some ink, please check them out!
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  1. I love the amount of thought you put into your ink. They're all beautiful jewelry.

    1. I am in big in to putting thought into tattoos. I hate when people don't have meaningful tattoos. It's for life, so make it count.

  2. That ladybug is beautiful. If not for the simple fear of pain, I'd have a ton of tattoos. In college I wanted a tattoo of Jerry (from Tom and Jerry cartoons) on my hip. It's probably for the best that I didn't get it as Jerry would now be disfigured out nine ways till Tuesday with all of my stretch marks. I love the stories behind yours. xx

    1. Thank you! I wouldn't put it on my body if I didn't put thought in to it.


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