Friday, March 21, 2014

Buzz Off, Mr. Fly!

Welcome to this month's Fly on the Wall post! I didn't participate last month, because I'd forgotten to rejoin after my computer went kah-put and I got a new one. So there will be a lot...A LOT to cover. 

Let's just jump right in there. This will be in no particular order....

* I got my very first smart phone! It isn't one of the new, costly ones. It's an Avail 2. But it does what I want it to do. I promptly took to Amazon and ordered me the cutest case for it.

I love owls!

So far, I really like it.

*I wanted to get a hair cut. I knew what I wanted. I downloaded the picture to my phone. I showed it to the stylist.

This is what I wanted.

This is what I got.
This is what I think I look like.

* My sister had my niece's 4th birthday party at the local skating rink (yes, they still have those around here.) I had absolutely ZERO intention of humiliating myself and skating until my sister talked me in to. Thankfully, no one took a picture or video (that I know of), but I DID take a picture of me with the skates on.

Fat girl trying to skate = entertainment for all

*We signed Boy Child up for soccer last month. He'd been asking us to play for years, but I firmly said no for no reason other than pettiness (that's a story for a different day). I finally gave in. He had his first practice yesterday. It was like the blind leading the blind and I'm still not sure I had his shin guard and socks on right.

The next David Beckham

*Bronchitis decided to come stay with us for a couple of weeks. First, Boy Child got it. That sucked. He got antibiotics and medicine for his breathing machine from when he had Reactive Airway Disorder. Girl Child got it the next week, only she got it bad, they suspected she had pneumonia. She got a steroid shot (which she promptly cried about and begged me to sneak her out of the office), a larger dose of antibiotics and some breathing machine medicine.

Breath deep, kid!

*We had a family getaway. We went to spend a night in Lexington. We got a hotel room at a hotel with an indoor pool and went swimming, then the next day, we went to the mall, then took the kids to the children's museum. They had a blast. I took a ton of picture, which you can see here. But here is one shot for ya.

Ride em Cowgirl!

* I bought me a bird feeder. I wanted to see something pretty when I looked out my door. BIRDS ARE FREAKING MESSY EATERS! OMG half of their freaking food ended up on the porch! We had a really bad storm roll through and it blew my bird feeder off the porch, breaking it, so I've got to get a new one, but I did manage to snag this shot.

Messy little shit.....
 *If you missed it, I got a new tattoo and got my nose pierced. You can read about that here.
My lovely little lady bug.

My lovely little nose ring.

*Girl Child had a dance to go to called the Sweetheart Dance. We bought her a dress, some shoes, got her a manicure, a hair cut, etc. I helped her get ready and took some pictures, then just wanted to cry my eyes out. My baby girl looks so grown up!!!!

My little lady.

*I also got new furniture! I absolutely love it. I've NEVER owned brand new furniture before. We got an awesome deal on it...$600!!! Yea....I don't remember the brand, but I know it's brand name. My living room looks so much more mature, as opposed to the dorm room it use to look like.

Wanna come over?

*The Hubs surprised me with tickets to see The Band Perry the day after Valentine's Day. I had so much fun and they put on one hell of a show. If you get the chance to see them, take it. You won't regret it. You can see my pictures by clicking here, but here's a shot for ya!

Awesome show!!!

*And finally, Lil Bit has decided to assert her dominance and battle Girl Child for Alpha Female status in the house. Lucky for you, I snapped a picture. The look on her face speaks volumes of the evil that lurks beneath her surface. lol


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  1. Love the look on Lil Bit's face in the last pic! Watch out Girl Child, she's coming for ya!!

    1. She can take her. I have no doubt about that. She's a tough cookie! lol

  2. Sarah, I want the cowgirl picture in a frame. Sent to my house, now.
    Your new furniture is lovely! I would lie down to watch TV and NEVER get up.
    I brought a picture similar to yours to my hairdresser. (my natural hair color is almost black). I wanted that blonde. She asked me if I was drunk. Good times. I'm so sorry you had sick kids; that's never fun for anyone involved :( Congrats, though on the new soccer player and sweetheart dancer.

    1. LoL! I'll print that off for ya!
      Thanks, I love my new furniture. It's awesome.

  3. The pic of Lil Bit is priceless! Love it!
    You had quite the awesome month!
    Congrats on the new phone and the super cute owl case!
    Great new furniture, a fun vacation, nose ring, surprise concert tickets... what good times!

    1. Thank you! It was a great month, that's for sure.

  4. YAY for all of the fun you've had!!! :D
    I LOVE your owl case!!! I looked and looked for an owl one but ended up with Daryl from The Walking Dead! LOL
    LOVE your furniture! We've had ours for about 7 years... 7 years with all my kids.... SIGH... It's a mess.

    1. Yea, ours was broken down and just smelled funny. haha.

  5. So much of this post brings back memories. Seeing your daughter on the nebulizer made me wince, my older son has asthma (but hasn't needed the nebulizer in about 10 years). The soccer pic made me smile, such fun days.
    But I'm still giggling about that pic of what you thought you looked like with that haircut. No, she didn't do what you asked, but you still looked great.

  6. This is one of your funniest Fly posts ever, Sarah! OMG DYING over the haircut pictures! I love everything in this post. Your kids are adorable and yay to getting the new phone (the case is so cute!).

  7. I HATE it when hair stylists won't listen. When you say "take an inch off the ends" and they hear "buzz cut". It's not what you intended, but it's a lovely bob anyhow!
    Girl child looks so miserable in that picture. Hope everyone's doing well now.
    And...I LOVE your new tat.

    1. Thanks! Yea, she still has to take antibiotics, but other than that, she's good.

  8. WOW this month has been great for you.
    Ride'em girl...
    tat, love the lady bug
    nose, if my allergies didn't bother me so bad I'd get mine done
    love the furniture
    AND LOVE love love the owl case for the phone
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

    1. Thanks Dawn! Yea, I had to wait until my cold went away to get it done.

  9. What is the obsession with owls!? It's cute, I'll give ya that... but robins are so much better (laughing on the inside)!

    My mom has a thing for ladybugs, ever since she saw a movie... I can't remember which one, but the point is, your artist has talent! I'm headed for the ink chair next month. I'm kind of nervous. It's been 9 years!

    And it's funny how high end furniture can make you feel all grown up. :)

  10. Time for a new stylest. You brough a good picture in too. Although what you got is a very nice bob, it is not what you wanted dammit. Nice tattoo! I have 3 and always want more. Our winter was so terrible here that the birds spent most of it on my back porch where the sun hits and omg what a mess!
    Your couch looks comfy :)

  11. OMG...I love that last pic and the caption, I nearly spit out my coffee. GO GIRL POWER! I really wnat a tattoo, but so afraid of needles.


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