Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Enhancing Education With K-5 Learning

As a mother of three, I strive to find fun, educational programs for my children to use on the internet. Having twins, where one is more studious than the other, I wanted to find a program that my son could use to enhance his abilities and show his growth.

When I was contacted by K-5 Learning with a chance to try the program for six weeks and write about it, I jumped at the chance. I looked around the site and realized that it was one that my kids could benefit from.

Founded by parents who wanted to further their children's success in education, K-5 Learning utilizes the very best in reading and math software. These programs are used by children the world over, as well as in many schools. The site was formed used this award winning software.

The site is easy to navigate, for parents and children alike. The children have their own portal that they can log in to, separate from the parent's portal, where they can keep track of their children's progress.

K-5 Learning allows you to have more than one child on your account. Each child get's their own log in and you can have them on different levels, focusing on different areas. Each child can take an assessment and the courses are based on those results.

When my son started the program, he was struggling in math and reading. He took the assessment and realized that he was grasping it more than he realized. After 6 weeks, his grades improved by 5 points in Math! This program really works.

You can read K-5 Learning's back story by clicking here. It really is interesting to see how this amazing site came to be. If you'd like to start a risk free 14-day trial, simply click the picture below. No credit card is needed at the time of sign up, that's how sure they are you will love their program!


  1. I love that these programs are available to parents who want to work with their children at home. I wish something like this had been around when my kids were little, I definitely would have used it.


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