Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Good Kind Of Sports Crazy

I was contacted by Kris from Fanatics, a sporting good website (go check it out....Fanatics is the top online retailer of sports merchandise – whether you’re looking for the jersey of your favorite NBA player or the hat of your favorite MLB team team, they’ve got it all!) about doing a piece for them about how sports brings a family together. I immediately jumped on this, because we are a sports family. I've ranted written several times about how I'm a sports mom and all the joys and headaches that go along with that, so I knew this was right up my alley.

Sports season can sometimes be the bane of my existence. Especially when you have two kids in an activity at the same time. Last year, Girl Child and Lil Bit played softball and wee-ball. This year, Boy Child played soccer, Girl Child played softball and Lil Bit played the part of whining sister. It was a win/win, I guess.

The Hubs is a sports guy, with a strong love for football. Seriously....from August to February, I become the mistress, allowing his first love to come back into his life. He had hopes of his boy being a football player, but Boy Child would have none of it. He wanted to play soccer.  I have a love of baseball that I wanted to pass on to my kids. Boy Child wasn't interested, but Girl Child LOVES softball. Lil Bit.....she's the odd ball. She's not into much of anything, except singing "Let It Go" and dancing to music only she can hear. Maybe she'll be our dancer....who knows.

I always feel a bit sad when softball season or soccer season comes to an end. As much as I dread the constant running around and busyness that goes with being a sports mom, I grow to love it, the cheering in the stands, the excitement with every win, the sadness over every loss. Even though you aren't playing, personally, you experience all of that with your child. 

Sports can really bring a family together, if you don't take it too seriously and, especially in regards to kids, you just let them have fun. Once you take that away from them, they start to hate it. So always keep in mind that they are kids. Let em have fun!

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*This post was written for Fanatics I was not paid, nor given anything to write this.*

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