Thursday, June 26, 2014

Crash and Burn

It would seem that, even with very careful planning, even with the very best of intentions, things can often fall apart in the matter of minutes. 

Thursday, I was having a good day. The kids and I went to the library, to the park. We did some running around. I'd started reaching out and networking within the community. Life was good. 

Thursday evening, life took a nosedive and every hope, dream, and want I had went flying out the window. 

I won't go into details, but the series of events came with one heartbreaking realization. 

We have to move back to Kentucky.

Words: ©Robert Burns Photo:©The Momisodes

As I write this, I am still currently in Michigan. My husband and two of the three kids are on their way back to Kentucky. I cried about this, tried to find every possible way to make it work here. Every idea seemed to get squashed. As I wrapped my head and heart around the fact that I had to leave, I spoke with the kids. Fear gripped my heart, because, for the 3 weeks we were here, we had our son back. Would we lose him again? I spoke to them and they got upset, then got excited to get to see their friends again.

The Hubs and I agreed that we are going to make the absolute best out of this. We are going to work harder and fight harder for dreams we have. We have an excellent two year plan set in motion. We got this. We are going to make this work.

It breaks my heart that we had to leave Michigan. I love it here. But, sometimes, life has a way of telling you that what you love isn't what you need. Or maybe it's that what we thought was love is really just desperation for a change that I need to make in myself. Time will tell. I'm just thankful that none of us were really settled in. That makes it easier to swallow this bitter pill called reality.......

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  1. As usual another well written piece my daughter. I'm so very proud of you, you make me prouder everyday. When did you grow up? I love you baby girl and I promise you'll come out on top of this.
    Love you,


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