Saturday, July 5, 2014

Back to School Clothes Blues

Every single year, we go through this battle.




I'm talking about the back to school clothes debate between father and daughter.

In this corner, we have The Hubs, decider of all things clothing for Girl Child and Lil Bit.

And in this corner, we have Girl Child, desirer of clothes and fashion she can't have.

Let the Clothing Games begin....may the odds be EVER in your favor!

Yesterday afternoon, The Hubs and I were at Walmart, just looking around and getting ideas for back to school. Things I was okay with, he wasn't. They have to be a certain length and they can't show too much shoulder or anything like that. This causes sooooo many fights between The Hubs and Girl Child, because she inevitably wants something he won't let her have.

Shoes is the biggest issue. She wants wedges or dress shoes that have a little heel. He is absolutely against it, saying they are too grown up. This leads to lots of "MOOOOOOMMMMMMMM"s from her and "Mom won't go over my head"s from him. I usually just find something else to take interest in and let them fight it out.

It's very hard having a 10 year old (almost) that wants to badly to be a 16 year old. She wants to wear makeup, she wants to shave her legs, she wants a smartphone, etc, etc. I'm not ready to let my little girl be big yet and I know that The Hubs isn't either, but I find myself in the middle, constantly, because I want to make them both happy.

I realize that, as she makes her way in to teenagedom, it will only get worse. No, I'm not prepared, but I'm thinking that I need to go ahead and start my wine collection now. Because I'm pretty sure I won't survive it without wine and chocolate.

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  1. OK, let me ask one question: when you were her age (maybe add 2 or 3 years, cause nowadays they mature faster, I hear) what did YOU want? And would it kill her (or the hubs) if she applied some lipstick? I mean, she isn't talking about tattoos or piercings. How does she feel about boys, and is she aware of the vibes she may send out? Gosh, it's hard to be a teenager, and of course it's hard to be parents of teenagers. I don't know by experience. I have a boy who will be turning 6, and he still wears what I lay out for him, yay! So who am I to talk. I'm here if you need wine and chocolate, though.


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