Thursday, July 24, 2014

To You, My Twins

On this day, ten years ago, my entire world changed. I went from being a woman with no kids to have two itty, bitty babies. I had a little boy that would cause me so much fear during his nine days in the NICU. I had a little girl that showed how strong and stubborn she was by only being in the NICU for seven days and beating jaundice.

It is bittersweet, sometimes, to think about the fact that my kids are growing up. I wonder what they will be like from year to year. As they near their teens, I find myself wondering how they will be. How  will Boy Child sound once his voice deepens? Will Girl Child still have her love for her Beary?

It seems so foreign to me to say "I have 10 year olds". The realization is setting in that, next year, I'll have 11 year olds, then 12, then 13 and so on. As much as I joke about my kids driving me nuts, my time with them as children is growing shorter and shorter every year.

Happy birthday, my sweet Boy Child and brilliant Girl Child. For a decade, we have been part of each other. I'm so incredibly proud of you both. My birthday wish for you two is that, as you prepare for your last year of elementary school, you find your voices in this big world. I love you both so very much.

Girl Child (l) and Boy Child (r) 3 months old
Girl Child and Boy Child age 5
Boy Child and Girl Child (with Lil Bit) age 9

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