Thursday, September 18, 2014

You Are The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

There once was this boy that was the all American kinda guy. He played football for his school.
He was popular.
He was well liked.
He was the kind of boy that all the girls had a crush on. He was the kind of boy that you could only hope to call your boyfriend, but feared he would chew up your heart and spit it out.

Six years younger and eight hours south of where this boy lived was a girl that was picked on.
She wasn't popular.
She wasn't well liked.
She was that "weird" girl that all the football players picked on, because she was a loner that liked to read and listen to bands like Hanson and was in JROTC. She was overweight and dressed like a boy...sometimes, like a goth.

That boy graduated in 1995, the girl in 2001.
In 2008, through the magical powers of the internet, that boy, now a 31 year old man, would send that girl, now a 25 year old woman, a message on a dating website.
They would meet.
They would fall in love.
They would marry, three weeks after their first date.

Six years ago today, I said "I Do" to the most amazing man in the universe. A whirlwind romance that would prove everyone wrong, we set off to elope, knowing no one would agree with our decision. Everyone said, upon finding out, that it wouldn't last. Yet, here we are, six years later and still as in love today ad we were then.

Life has thrown us challenges. We've been through things that would tear apart other couples. Yet we pushed through and came out stronger than we were. Through a miscarriage, depression, several moves, job losses, vehicle losses, a 20 month long adoption battle and many other tests, we have passed them all and are better for them.

Happy anniversary, The Hubs. Thank you for sending me that message. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving Boy and Girl Child enough to adopt them. Thank you for realizing your dream of Lil Bit with me.
Thank you for every single thing you do. You are truly, truly amazing.


  1. Well once again you've caused my eyes to water. Thanks ! ;-) I am one of those doubting Thomas's .. I just knew you & Matthew would end up in a DIVORCE , I'm so glad that y'all proved me wrong... I am so thankful that you found someone as special as Matthew , he's great for you & the kids. I am very , so very proud to call him my son ( from another mother , LOL )

    Love you all....

  2. There is no better anniversary gift you could give him than these beautiful words.


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