Friday, November 7, 2014

Art Is Not What You See

Today's post is for the Secret Subject Swap. This post was a challenge for me to write, because, to be honest, I'm not really an art buff. But I'm going to attempt this and hope that I do it justice. My prompt comes from none other than the beautiful, talented and awesome Jenniy from Climaxed. The prompt is:

"You are mysteriously given the ability to change art as it happens. This only applies to your perceptions of art and affects no one elses'. But, if you want to change the storyline in a movie, all you have to do is think of those changes. If you'd like to redirect the pace of your favorite show or bring back a character or kill off a character, you can. If you want the patterns, the lines, or the colors in a painting to be different, in your mind, they will be. Does that ruin art for art's sake? Why or why not?"

I admit, when I got this prompt, I panicked a lot a little bit. I've sat and looked at it, re-read it, cried about it, begged it to speak to me and then, finally, took my Zoloft and said "eff it!" and here I am.

Okay, so to answer the question, I don't think having your own interpretation of art ruins art for art's sake. Well, maybe it would for TV, movies, or books, because they are pretty much done with an ending in mind. Do I often think "Oh, this would have been better if it had ended like this...."? Absolutely. But I realize that the writer wrote it that way for a specific reason. As a wanna-be writer myself, I get that.

But works of art, paintings, drawings, even photography or music....those are open to interpretation. I think that's how they were meant to be. Two people may look at a painting and see it totally different. Some people might think Mona Lisa is happy. Others might think she is sad. I think that is how the artist WANTS people to react. They create, they craft, not for them, but for us.

Take, for instance, the song "The Great Gig In The Sky" by Pink Floyd.

This song was introduced to me by my father. He played it for me and, when it was over, asked me what I though the song was about. I thought it was about the woman going through her life. Birth, living, death. He thought it was about something else. Does it change the song? No. It is still so very breath-takingly hauntingly beautiful.

I think the only way to ruin art is to not give it the appreciation it deserves. To deny it the respect it deserves. Art is for us, to strike a feeling, a nerve. To gain perspective or to just get lost in. Giving it our own spin allows us to OWN that creation. In owning it, we give value to the artist.

If you listened to the above song, share with me YOUR interpretation of it.

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  1. Whoa, that is one tough writing prompt! And you did great!
    I actually like about art that it is totally subjective to the eye of the beholder.
    I have no idea how Mona Lisa is feeling. Also she (her painting) is mighty short (small) at the Louvre, if it weren't for the numoerous tourists you might miss it.

  2. I agree with you. For me, the beauty of art is interpreting it in terms of what it means to me, what it speaks to in me, knowing it will bring out something else in someone else. Even books have a component of imagination, which is why I rarely like how books are brought to film. If the actor isn't what I'd pictured, it ruins some of it for me.
    I'm glad you got this prompt, it made you step outside of your normal realm of thought. You always do so well in that instance.

  3. Completely agree!!!! We've been having a lot of art conversations around here lately. Cailey is a very talented artist (IMO) whereas Colin has his own style. He thought that since his art work didn't look exactly like the subject, it was bad. Luckily I talked him through it by showing him all the different styles of art work.

  4. I've heard it said the the Mona Lisa smiles like she has a secret; I think she's merely humoring the artist. Can you imagine how hard it would be to sit for a portrait and have to smile the whole time? No thanks.

    As for Pink Floyd, it's better understood if your high - just saying. But I did listen to it (and looked up the lyrics). My opinion on it is that the man has accepted death, knows it's near, doesn't fear it. The woman is going through the stages of grief. My interpretation.

    You did an excellent job with your prompt. What a tough one!

  5. Let me play devil's advocate here since I've already stressed you out with the prompt (sorry!!!), would being able to change art in any form ruin the artist's ability to disturb us? If we can make something dark into something pretty to keep our minds at ease, are we running from the artist's intentions?

  6. Amazing prompt. Great job! This would be an ability I'd LOVE. To have all movies and shows go as the should (in my opinion).... yes, please!!!

  7. wow...what a prompt and what an amazing post...I think you rocked it babe. I feel that art is meant to be interpreted by each of based on our own beliefs and personal experiences. I love when books and movies end with us having to predict what might happen...true art.


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