Friday, November 21, 2014

Get That Fly Off The Turkey!


Can you believe we are in November already?!?!?! How nuts is this?! Next week, we will all throw our diets to the wind and gorge ourselves on delicious food and make more memories with our family. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year.

So, this is the November Fly on the Wall post. Here, you will get little snippets of my life that wouldn't make a blog. There will be pictures and other randomness, so...ENJOY!

*My friend came over and took pictures of the kiddos for us. He did AMAZING! The so much. Out of all of the pictures he took, only a few were usable. Here is a couple of my favorites.

All of the pictures were taken at my house. He did so good!!

*He also got an AWESOME shot of Pi....

*Pretty sure the cows next door are a

*Boy Child went to a sleepover with the neighbor and....well....none of them slept. If you were ever curious about what a sleepy 10 year old looks like, here ya go!

*Hey.....look who is FINALLY cast free!!!

*The kids' school had a fall festival this past weekend. The kids were gathering things for their classes for a silent auction. Not sure WHAT Boy Child was thinking,, Apple Pees doesn't sound that good.....

*I find it hilarious that when I am texting and I put "I have to" a picture of poop comes up as the next suggestion.
Lucy Ball is The Hubs. My old phone synced up my contacts and for whatever reason changed The Hubs from Babe to LucyBall15. Hilarity ensued and naturally, I kept it Lucy Ball.

*That text was talking about how, because I swapped shifts, I was assigned a new supervisor. My previous shift was 7a to 3:30p. Due to some things coming up, I needed to get off earlier. Now, I work 5a to 1:30p. Curious to what time I get up?

*In an attempt to get Lil Bit to drink more water, we bought this. Let me tell people are GENIUS!

*Remember what my house looks like? The darker colors on the wall?

Well, we painted our living room finally! We aren't completely done with it yet, but close enough.

I'm so happy! I finally got my pictures up. It finally looks like we live here! When it is all said and done, I'll share another picture. Probably in next month's Fly on the Wall post!

RIP Jason Lee LaFever
I love you, cousin of mine. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to say goodbye or to let you know I love you. I'm sorry for all of the arguments we had, all the ill words that were said. I'm sorry that I didn't get to see you in many years. I'm sorry you're gone. Fly with the angels and give Grandma and Grandpa a hug for me.                          Baking In A Tornado                                  The Rowdy Baker                                Just A Little Nutty                                          The Momisodes                          Spatulas on Parade                                   The Sadder But Wiser Girl                          Follow me home                        Stacy Sews and Schools                          Menopausal Mother                                 Battered Hope                         Dinosaur Superhero Mommy                   Someone Else’s Genius                     Crumpets and Bollocks                          Juicebox Confession                                              Risa Nye                                    Go Mamma O


  1. my sympathies on the loss of your cousin. I know time is flying too fast. Yay, cast free and love the sleepy nine year old. What great pics!

  2. HUGS and prayers for you and your family!!!

    Those pictures were SO GREAT!!!! Loved them!!

  3. All that funny stuff, and all I can do is keep going back to the photo of that cow! So damn funny.
    So very sorry about your cousin. Regrets make it worse - be kind to yourself. He knows you loved him.

  4. So much happiness and so much sadness. The pictures of your beautiful children are heart warming and the loss of your cousin is heartbreaking. I'm so sorry.

  5. I love the pictures... ALL of them!
    The kids photos turned out so cute and the shot of Pi is so precious. <3
    Congrats on almost being done with your living room project!! I started redoing our hallway and got all the way to getting the picture back up... and that was 3 years ago. lol. You've inspired me to get it done!
    I'm so sorry for the loss of your cousin. Hugs to you and your sweet family.
    Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. **HUGS**

    As for boy sleepovers, I believe it is their mission to stay up at late as possible. Just a fact of life. I thought it was going to be the giggly girls, but no. It's the boys.

    The pictures are gorgeous, dah-ling! And yay for the cast coming off!

  7. Sarah, I'm so sorry for the loss of your cousin. Way too young...No regrets. Just focus on the times you laughed together.

    Every time the kids came home grouchy from sleepovers, I'd swear it was the last one. No sleeping is the rule, I guess :)
    Love how your new paint color brightens up that whole room! And the photos. You've got some beautiful children. And a gorgeous dog.....and a cute cow :)

  8. Lots of emotion this month. Sorry about your cousin - he looks so young. Looks like you had lots of fun with the young ones -- I miss that so much. I enjoyed reading about them and remembering..... The lighter walls sure make a big difference - I bet you love them

  9. Why the word "sleep" is in "sleepover" is beyond me. I think it should be called "silly night" or something. I'm sure they had fun, though, and he paid his price by almost falling asleep at the table ;-)
    Speaking of sleep, how are the crazy shifts treating you? I admire you for getting up in the middle of the night to go to work. I couldn't do it.
    I'm sorry for your loss.


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