Monday, November 3, 2014

The Great Halloween of 2014

Halloween just isn't as much for me, now that I'm a mother. I don't dress up because, most of the time, I'm too busy with helping the kids pick out their costumes to pick out mine. Plus, what's the point? I'm going to be driving them from place to place, I won't be seen.

This year, we let the kids have a Halloween party. They invited a bunch of people from school. Sadly (or maybe gladly) only 4 came. They had fun thought. We had a bunch of food and I got all bake-y like and made cupcakes. I think I did a pretty good job.

 Here is a close up of the cupcakes.....

This year, only one of the costumes was homemade. That was Boy Child's. He went as Daryl Dixon. He enjoyed getting to get his clothes dirty and have his crossbow...not that I blame him, of course. I'd like it too.

Girl Child went as a zombie prom queen. She couldn't decide what to be, so she went with this one. I think she looked awesome, personally.

Naturally, Lil Bit went as Elsa....who else?! We couldn't find an Elsa wig ANYWHERE, so I bought her an adult wig and braided it. I think she look super cute, but then, I might be a little partial....

On Halloween night, we went trick or treating around our neighborhood. These kids made out like bandits!!! One house was even giving away hula-hoops and action figures! We have 3 HUGE bowls of candy. It was SOOOOO cold out. I think it was only in the 30's and it was raining. A friend of mine went with me. She had her boys and followed behind me in her truck. I had Lil Bit, Girl Child, my friends' daughter and one of her's and Girl Child's mutual friends. After about an hour and a half, they all 4 tapped out to the elements and wanted to call it a night. After the two that wasn't mine got in my friend's truck, I headed to grab a pizza and come home to feed my freezing crew. Boy Child went trick or treating with his buddy, our neighbor who I'll call M. He had a blast with his family.

All in all, Halloween didn't suck this year. I'm glad it is over though, because we can start getting ready for Christmas, which is my favorite time of year. I'm looking forward to what The Hubs has in store for our house for Christmas........he decorated for Halloween.

Who's ready for Thanksgiving?!


  1. Loved it!! As always well written , no tears this time....I thought all 3 of my Nanababies looked gr8 , Cailin looks so cute as blonde & the twins looked really good too... gr8 job mom & dad..... <3 ya

  2. So glad Halloween didn't suck. The kids' costumes were adorable and I love your cupcakes!

  3. Twinnie!
    Love the grim reaper in your front yard! The costumes looked great and so do those cupcakes.
    Hey, parties are about quality, not quantity of kids. I'm glad it all went well.
    Holy rain and cold for Halloween. You are a trooper.


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