Thursday, November 27, 2014

What I'm Thankful For 2014 Edition

I do this every single year on Thanksgiving. This is a time for me to give and say thanks to so many people in my life.

This is the time of year that I love the most. Families and friends are coming together to celebrate life and just be grateful for what they have. We eat, we drink, we laugh and we joke. We remember loved ones that aren't with us anymore and we celebrate their life through shared memories.

This year, tragedy hit my family twice. In April, my husband lost his nephew and just last week, I lost my cousin. These losses will be felt to the very depth of our hearts, but I know both of them wouldn't want us to mourn them. They'd want us to celebrate them.

As always, I'm thankful for my three beautiful, amazing children. They are so smart and they amaze me daily. This year, Lil Bit started Kindergarten and Boy and Girl Child started 5th grade. This year, Lil Bit is 5 and Boy and Girl Child are 10. This year, I see the development of Boy and Girl Child as they leave adolescents behind and start down the path toward being teens. It terrifies me to no end. I'm not ready. Lil Bit is becoming such an amazing little student. I'm seeing her learn to write her name, to read and identify words, do math. It is such an honor to watch these amazing people grow up.

I'm thankful for my wonderful husband. He works so hard for our family and supports us all, no matter how crazy our ideas might be. He is truly the most awesome husband in the world and I'm so blessed that he picked me to share his life with.

I'm thankful that I still have my parents around. The mere thought of losing my mother cripples me. The mere thought of losing my father takes my breath away. Many of my friends lost their parents this year and I'm so, so thankful that I get to pick up the phone and call them whenever I want.

I'm thankful for my family. We have endured and we have come out stronger.

I'm thankful for the years I got to spend with my cousin Jason. He is missed, more than I thought I would miss him. When he died, he took a piece of my heart, shaped like him, with him. It toppled my world more than I expected it would and now, there is something missing. Him. I love you, Jay.....

I'm thankful for the chance to have a job. Not just a job, but one that pays good and one that I love. I get to help people. I get to hear the sigh of relief when they get good news. For every 10 bad calls I get, the one good one makes it all worth it. 

I'm thankful that, this year, I connected with my in-laws more than I have in the 6 years we've been married. 

I'm thankful that we found some AMAZING landlords that trust us with their house and let us make it our home.

I'm thankful for my pets, that drive me nuts.

I'm thankful for my siblings, even though you guys make me wanna scream sometimes.

I'm thankful for my friends. You guys are so awesome!

I'm thankful for my online friends. Some of you guys get me and understand me more than those around me.

I'm thankful for each and every reader I have. You guys keep me going. Thank you.

Writing is something I love and I'm so thankful that I get to have a voice on the internet. My words may not be huge, but my voice gets heard.

What are you thankful for this year?


  1. Another gr8 story. As I said I had to read this in shifts to keep from crying. My eyes water a few times. I love you baby girl. You sure make your mother proud. ♡ya

  2. When your kids are little, you take for granted seeing them sitting in their seats at the dinner table. Sometimes you even secretly wish for a more. . . ahem . . . peaceful meal.
    This year I am so grateful to see my boys sitting together at the dinner table. Even if it's just for a few days. I'll never wish for a more peaceful meal again.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah.

  3. Beautiful Sarah. I know how it feels to lose a family member before the holidays, my Dad passed in June, and everytime I read your posts about your cousin, in all honesty Dads passing is a little bit easier. I was deviated when he died, and to see how you celebrate Jason's life. instead of being totally down about his death has givin me a new perspective, and for that I am thankful.

  4. I'm Thankful for you, twinnie!
    This is a beautiful post, Sarah. I'm so sorry for your losses this year.
    On the other hand, I love all that you've accomplished this year. The new job and house? You're handling it all fabulously. <3


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