Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Story Time with The Momisodes

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Welcome to Story Time with The Momisodes. I have joined up with some awesome bloggers to bring you some holiday festive-ness. You will find some crafts, recipes, all sorts of awesome stuff. As for me, being that I'm neither crafty nor blessed with the ability to make things, I am bringing you a book review.
So grab some hot chocolate and a blanket and cozy on up while I tell you the tell of some of my favorite holiday books.

First up is "The Night Before Christmas". We all know this timeless poem about a family who is visited by Santa and the man of the house totally spies on the big man in red. Every single year, my husband dresses as Santa and reads this story to the kids on Christmas Eve. It's a tradition for us that I look forward to. This story is timeless, with it's rhymes and flow. It is so descriptive that you almost feel like you are there.

Second is A Letter to Santa. In this whimsical tale, you read about a little boy that writes to Santa on Christmas Eve while wondering how Santa receives his letter. As he falls asleep, he dreams about visiting Santa in the North Pole. He witnesses the inner workings of Santa's workshop and see all the magic behind the man. When he wakes up, he sees that Santa has visited and brought the little boy what he asked for.

Finally is a book that was handed down to me, from where I'm not sure. It's simply called Christmas Stories. It is a compilation of twenty-two beloved stories that we love to share. From "The First Christmas" to "The Nutcracker" to "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and more, this book provides you the chance to share a story with your family every night, starting a new and wonderful tradition.

From my family to yours, I wish you all a very Happy Holidays and I do hope you will see what my friends have for you. They are all awesome in their own right and, collectively, well, there will be some Christmas magic for sure!

Be sure to click on the links below! And add your own link to the blog hop at the end of this post!

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  1. I love hauling out all of the holiday books. My favorite is called Shh! Santa! It's about a loud, jolly Santa who is delivering his stash. The snowman, the puppy, and others have to remind Santa to keep quiet so he won't wake the children. So cute. Great book reviews. They make me want to go get more :) Your man as Santa reading "The Night before Christmas'? I love that!!

  2. OOOOH! We have to get the Christmas Stories!!! LOVE IT!!
    SO glad you joined us!!!! <3

  3. I love reading to children, but somehow the holiday stories make it that much more special. It's a tradition we remember and we hope our kids do too.
    Thanks for joining in the Blog With Friends group with your book reviews!

  4. We read The Night Before Christmas every year on Christmas Eve. Another of our Christmas book traditions is a book called The Competition on Conifer Court. It's another poem-type story with amazing pictures.

    This year, I'm bound and determined to read A Christmas Story and compare it to the movie! So excited!

    Yay for traditions and Merry Christmases!

  5. Christmas is my favorite time of year. And I especially love reading to my children and helping them find the joy and excitement, too. Thank you for sharing these!


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