Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blog With Friends: Story Time with The Momisodes

Welcome to Story Time with The Momisodes. I have joined up with some awesome bloggers to bring you something warm for this cold winter. You will find some crafts, recipes, all sorts of awesome stuff. As for me, being that I'm neither crafty nor blessed with the ability to make things, I am bringing you a story...in song form.

So grab some hot chocolate and a blanket and cozy on up!

*To the tune of "Let It Go"*

The wind blows cold on the outside tonight
Not a bit of warmth, to be felt.
The dog needs to go out
And it looks like it's up to me!

The cold is bitter, like I'm in Antarctica
Pi's keeping it in, even though I cry.......

Please just go! Please just go!!!
I know you have to poop.....
Please just go! Please just go!!!
Stop chasing leaves and such!

I don't care
That you want to play
Just go over there....
It's freaking cold out here anyway..... 

It's funny how you act like
You really have to go
Then we get out here and you seem
To lose all control!

It's time for you to to stop chewing the leash
To go to your spot and feel that release
Please hurry up, I need to go in
And pee!!!!!

Please just go! Please just go!!!
I really don't want to play
Please just go! Please just go!!
There's snow falling from the sky!

I can see my breath
And I want to go inside
Please just go poop......

The snow is falling even faster to the ground
You are running around acting just like a clown
I'm freezing and I really need to go and pee
So why are you holding back

Please just go! Please just go!!!
And I swear, I'll give you a treat!
Please just go! Please just go!!!
I want to be indoors where there's heat!

There you stand
Looking at me like I'm dumb....
Holy crap, you finally went!
Next person to take you will be one of the kids!

Okay, I admit it. I had SERIOUS writers block this week. I had this amazing idea to start a story and just keep it going everyone month. But I had no inspiration to do it, so this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoyed my take of the song "Let It Go" and felt my pain about taking Pi out. Please check out what my friends are doing and thank you for checking it out!

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  1. OMG!!!! DYING!!!! CAN'T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crying with laughter!!!!

  2. ROFLOL! I can SO relate to this! We got a new puppy last month and I go through the same exact thing!

  3. Hysterical, Sarah, and perfect for the winter theme. We all need a laugh as
    we try to get through this freezing cold!

  4. Hahaha, down to earth poetic song!
    I just read this and thought I'd share it with you:
    Does your dog follow you to the bathroom? It might be because you take him
    out to do his business, so he thinks it's only fair to return the favor ;-)

  5. Best. Rendition. EVER!!! Thanks for the laugh!


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