Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I'm A Creative Cupid

It's time, once again, to join up with some of my fabulously talented friends and get your creative on. Today, I'm Blogging With Friends as Creative Cupids! So, in the words of Al Greene.....let's get it on! (bow chicka wow wow)

Once again, I am, like, the LEAST crafty person EVER. EVER!!! So, I grace you with my wit, or my charm, or whatever I decide to throw out there to the masses. Trust me, you'll enjoy it. OR ELSE! No, I kid.

Without further delay, I present you with my contribution. It's a poem about love, affection, and all the things steamy things that go with it.

If only you knew
How much inspiration
You truly provide me
The drive
The push I need
If only you knew
How much I need you
To get through
To go on
If only you knew
How much I look forward
To the time we spend together
Becoming one
Such a radiant experience washes over me
Whenever I'm in your presence
From the core of my being
I need you
If only you could feel
The warmth you provide
The awaking you give
Oh, coffee,
How I adore thee.

Thank you for checking out my contribution. Now please see what my awesome friends have in store for you! Also, join up with us by linking up at the bottom of the post!

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  1. LOVE it!!!!!
    If we are all completely honest, caffeine is the true love of our lives. LOL

  2. I love a twist ending, especially a funny one. You totally got me!

  3. Yeah! Plot Twist!! That was awesome.

  4. Outstanding. I love that I was thinking, "Oh, this is so romantic," and then it was about coffee. I could insert ICE CREAM. :)


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