Friday, February 6, 2015

What Is Romance?

It's one of my favorite times of the month....Secret Subject Swap. This is swap number elevenbillionty, and I've loved every one of them.

This month, my topic is.
Valentine's Day is approaching, what spells romance for you?
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Here goes!

Romance....You know, I'm not a typical girl. I'm not really in to a lot of thinks that a lot of women are in to. Sure, I like flowers, but eventually, they die, then you just have to clean them up. No thanks. Chocolate? I love chocolate, but I'm trying to watch my weight, so I'll pass. Going out to dinner and a movie? I'm likely to fall asleep watching it.

No, romance, to me, is when The Hubs does little things to show he cares, like letting me sleep in on my day off or cleaning up the kitchen after I've had a rough day, even though he works a lot harder than I do. It's when he gives me a card for no reason at all. When he surprises me with something I want that I didn't think he heard me mention. The Hubs knows that I enjoy little things like that, so he keeps them far between so that I don't burn out. I respect that.  

The most romantic thing he does though?

His support. I know, cliche' right? But it's true. I love the way he gives me his unending support, no matter how crazy my idea might be. Or when he knows that something is really bothering me and he supports me enough to help me figure out the solution.

That's romance right there.

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  1. LOVE THIS!!!!!! That's what love is all about!!!

  2. That's how I define love too. I don't mind the chocolates as long as he helps me eat them, though!

  3. Love this! I'm the same. Wash dishes, take out the garbage, let me sleep, give me a hug... that's romance. Great post!

  4. Oh yeah, letting me sleep in... almost as sweet as chocolate!
    So glad your husband does all the lttle things for you ♥ Pretty sure you do the same for him as well :-)

  5. I agree that the more kind and thoughtful expressions of love have the most meaning. I do, however, love Valentine's Day. Hubs brings home flowers and champagne and chocolate and the boys buy me cards that say they love me. Nothing wrong with that.

  6. LOVE this. So true how the little everyday things speak so much louder than any grand one day gesture. I'm the same - I would love a sweet card and some time to just hang out and be. Not saying I don't relish in a bit of the reminder once a year for the card and expression of love from the companies out there looking to make a buck or $6!! Hope you get to sleep in and wake up to a clean kitchen!!

  7. Oh, and I think elevenbillionty should be a word from now on. :)

  8. Girl I'm with you! I'm not the "typical" woman either. No flowers, no candy, no once a year wine and dine me. I want romance all year, helping me around the house, telling me your love me everyday, washing my car, filling it with gas, etc..

  9. so true! Yeah it;s sweet to get nice things on Valentine's Day, but because your significant other does it all the time, not because he has to. Romance is all about the little moments you make your loved one feel every day.


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