Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Am Redeemed

I've talked, previously, about my religious views and how they range from not being a Christian, to being a moderate believer, to wanting more in my life and fearing that change. It's something that I've struggled with, struggled to understand, to comprehend, to come to terms with. It took some time, some soul searching, but I finally realized that I just needed to find a place that I was comfortable with. I wanted a church that taught fundamentals that I agree with, which is, first and foremost, a loving God.

I found it.

We've been attending an AWESOME church for about a month now. After three visits, we made the decision to become members. We've only missed one service (thanks a lot, stomach bug). We have an amazing church family, our pastor is truly awesome, the environment and feel of the church is so welcoming, you can feel the love within. 

We are blessed.

But there was still one thing I struggled with, one little thing that, as The Hubs put it, I was rebelling against. That was accepting the title of Christian. I played it off like I didn't want to label my beliefs or anything like that, but the truth of it is that I was still holding on to a lot of hurt from what I felt at the hand of "Christians" and I didn't want to associate myself with that. 

It took a group study and a much needed message this past Sunday to make me realize that being a Christian is as personal as your relationship with Jesus. 

You see, in the area I live, there are a lot of people that use their religion, their belief in God as a platform to hate other people. Because of this, I started associating the word Christian with hatred and judgment. After the lesson I received Sunday, I realize that this isn't the case, that people like me could call ourselves Christians and mean it, LIVE it. Having said that, I have a confession to make.

I am a Christian.

Words I never thought I'd say, but words I love to say......


  1. I'm so happy that you've not only found a place where you're comfortable, but that you've reconnected with your pride.
    There are good and bad in every group. It's difficult when people push their agenda in the name of their religion. But that's on them, not on you. By living what that religion truly means to you, you take a step towards negating the harm that they are doing.

  2. I completely and totally understand. I just finished a speaking tour where I addressed this very subject. Christianity is not a religion - it is a relationship. Thank you for sharing honestly.

  3. I am so happy that you have found a place where you feel comfortable. It isn't easy to do. At all.

  4. Another tear jerking , proud momma moment... I am so happy that you have found what you've been looking so hard & long for "PEACE" You are a gr8 daughter , sister , wife & mother person , I'm sure you'll be a gr8 Christian

    <3 her
    Proud momma....

  5. I'm glad that you have found somewhere you feel you belong.

  6. I am curious about that lesson you received on Sunday. What was it that gave you the final reassurance?
    Religions, groups, platforms, labels… I believe the only thing that matters is how every person interacts with the world, fellow human beings, animals, environment...

  7. Beautifully said, Sarah. As a Christian whose faith is VERY important in my life, I cling to Jesus' words about how we're supposed to treat others. True Christians obey his directions and don't use religiosity to fuel hate. You are a Christian. Those who claim to be, yet mask it in hate, are just like the pharisees and don't deserve to call themselves Christians. They make it harder for all of us.(stepping off the soapbox now.)
    Now I'm singing that song "I'll shake off these heavy chains, wipe away every stain, cause I'm not who I used to be. I am redeemed." It's one of my favorites.


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